Google Launches Coronavirus Info Hub to Keep You Up to Date

We hope you stay safe and healthy out there during these strange times, and if you're looking for another place to get information about the novel coronavirus, then Google has only one.

Head to to discover a wealth of information about the COVID-19 disease, including symptoms, treatment, and how to avoid it in the first place. There are links to other reliable resources on the Internet.

If you live in the US, you can search local government resources as well: state which region you live in to get information relevant to your specific area.

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"Since the beginning of the year, the search for interest in COVID-19 continues to grow around the world," says Google Emily Moxley. "Now this disease is the biggest topic people are searching for worldwide, surpassing even some of the most common and consistent queries we see in search."


You can also use the site to check the latest search trends for coronavirus and the number of cases in the world on the Global Map. There are even links to resources to help you work from home.

At the same time, Google is letting more information go along with coronavirus search results, so when you run a query related to a virus or COVID-19 disease, you'll see some of the same official resources too.

Google says the site will be optimized for international visitors in the near future - anyone can access the US version - and that more information and more resources will be added over time.

It's an unprecedented situation we're in and it's not yet clear exactly how things will play out - but if you want facts about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, Google now has you covered.

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