Hotspot shield can now protect your Wi-Fi router

Since the number of connected devices in homes has increased significantly over the past few years, many people are now looking for a way to secure all the devices on their home networks.

To help with this, Hotspot Shield has announced that its VPN service can now be configured on a range of popular home Wi-Fi routers.

While installing a VPN on your smartphone or computer can add an extra layer of security while browsing the Internet, most VPN services limit the number of connections that can be used at the same time. With VPN Router though, every device on your network can be protected as your data is encrypted from the moment you connect.

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Adding new devices is also easier, as you don't have to install and configure VPN software on a per-device basis.

Securing Your Wi-Fi Router with a Hotspot Screen

Point Shield VPN Service is compatible with many popular routers including those from ASUS, GL-Inet, Linksys, Netgear and others. However, for some routers, like those from Linksys and Netgear, you may need to install open source firmware like DD-WRT and or FreshTomato to make them compatible.

Don't worry as the process isn't too complicated and Hotspot Shield has a number of router setup guides on its website.

In order to install Hotspot Shield on your router, you must be a premium member, as this option is not available from the free tier.

Adding a Hotspot shield to your router is an easy way to ensure that you and your family are safe online without having to remember to connect to a VPN every time you go online.

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