Cheap 4K TV deals offer big savings on Samsung TVs this week

Looking for inexpensive 4K TV deals to upgrade your set this week? Lots of retailers ahead of you in the US and UK. Samsung 4K TVs are available for some amazing prices right now, with stunning high definition displays available for as little as $295 / £379. This means big savings on easy to set up, premium 4K TVs.

Samsung 4K TVs offer excellent value for money with cutting-edge features including premium HDR10, a massive selection of smart TV apps, and easy-to-use setup. With these cheap 4K TV deals, you'll save yourself a bundle while getting some of the very best Samsung has to offer.

We see these Samsung 4K TVs coming in for as little as $295 in the US, though you might also want to check out that $299 price tag on the more recent model. With savings in the $280 range, there's never been a better time to grab a cheap Internet 4K TV.

In the UK, we are seeing discounts on the popular 2019 RU7470 series. Not as premium in display (or price) as in the 8 Series, this is still a quality lineup. With fantastic picture quality and special Ultra-HD dimming technology for enhanced contrast and detail, you can save anything from £50 - £100 on these powerful TVs. Pricing starts at £379 for the 43-inch model, but then again, we're really pointing you to that £399 price for the 50-inch version to get the most bang for your buck.

These cheap 4K TV deals will help you secure a premium display for less this weekend. Plus, with so much content offering 4K streaming right now, there's more options than ever to push your screen to the limit and enjoy stunning picture clarity.

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Cheap 4K TV deals in the US

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Cheap 4K TV deals in the UK

Kerris is hosting a fantastic 4K TV sale event this weekend, and new subscribers can also buy a free 6-month subscription to Spotify with a new TV to boot.

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We keep an eye on all the latest 4K TV Sales here for the first video but if you really want to upgrade you might also want to check out best OLED TV deals from all over the internet. You can also make the most of your new TV with these Amazon fire stick deals.

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