This is the most compelling Apple iMac clone we've seen yet

After a few excellent ipad imitators and macbook air imitators, we've managed to track down the best Apple iMac clone we've seen so far.

Onda B220 is window all-in-one computer which looks exceptionally similar to an Apple machine - the kind of computer you'd see at a dentist's front desk or receptionist.

В $370 (approx. £300/660 RUB) excluding shipping, that's about two-thirds cheaper than his famous inspiration in Us and closer to 75% in the UK, where it was last on sale for £1,049.

Как 21,5" iMac, it has a full HD display with a signature black bezel and a large bezel, with Onda branding rather than the Apple logo. There is even the famous aluminum stand with a hole in the back.

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Unfortunately, that's where the similarities end. While the cheapest iMac has an i5 core CPU (in the 7360U), the B220 only has a Celeron J1900 processor, which is about 4 times slower based on microprocessor benchmark results.

The IAC Iris Plus Graphics 640 module should also flog under powered Intel HD graphics and found on the J1900. Next, the Onda machine has half the system memory and a 128GB SSD, compared to Apple's 1TB hard drive.

Perhaps the only salvation of the B220 grace is the multitude of available connections. Ports include a VGA connector, HDMI connector, Ethernet and four USB ports (but unfortunately no memory card reader).

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