12 things to do at home this weekend in self-isolation

Update: Sunday's list of things to do just out of a sleepy feeling is exciting, with a live lounge concert staged by some of the biggest names in music. See it below.

Our list of 12 fun things to do at home is coming to power through the weekend as we've added a bunch of new ideas to keep you entertained through coronavirus self-isolation and a world of seemingly indefinite confinement.

We're here to serve as a distraction from today's surreal situation, or at least point you in the right direction for entertainment or production things to do this weekend. This will keep you from being completely bored while sitting quietly at home.

You can do anything - as long as it's inside and you're still self-distancing, which of course kind of limits your options when you think about it. But our things to do ideas include the best new games, movies, books, and podcasts you may have missed. This may be enough to keep you happily quarantined.

1. Watch iHeart live concert number

Streaming right now iHeart Lounge Concert for America, an hour-long free fundraising and awareness concert focused on a number of channels and streaming platform. You will be able to listen and watch through different artists, arctic fox, fox news, fox business fox sports 1 and all fox sites. If you're having trouble viewing this outside of the US, you can always get a VPN set up.

It is hosted by Sir Elton John, featuring Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boyce, Billie Eilish, Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong, Mariah Carey and Tim McGraw. Late additions to the roster include Camila Cabello, Dave Grohl, H.E.R., and Sam Smith. Oh, and this is a musical event, Ryan Seacrest, of course, is here, even if it's just a hand-washing dog.

2. Apple's latest Arcade built for the whole family

Our best apple arcade games list now includes Crossy road lock, a platform title that thrives on multiplayer gameplay (don't be afraid, there is a choice for a single player, just in case to leave the house alone). Desperate measures reminds us of all new Super Mario Bros games. and old Castle Crashers for a game that never made its way to iOS somehow. Hipster Keith developer delivers the next best thing.

What's so great about games like Crossy Castle Road is that it's easy to get the whole family in multiplayer mode thanks to Apple's Family Share feature. You'll be able to share this game with anyone in your family's iCloud, and we've upped the Apple Arcade subscription again (it costs $4.99 / £4.99 / au for $7.99 a month) to do just that.

3. Tiger King rules Netflix it's the same

Everyone is watching the new Netflix series Tiger King, and even if your video has been downvoted, it's worth streaming all seven episodes. This is our new favorite ladder-topping crime documentary (also a winner if anyone hasn't seen it).

To the right of King Tiger and his color border symbols are so funny you'd swear they're not true. WAB: We know some big cat lovers who don't stand by and watch this for more than five minutes, so, for them, we offer the last month of the raving documentary series instead of the HBO McMillions channel.

4. Shared session, right on your phone

HQ Trivia

There are several ways to get involved this weekend in trivia even if your local bar is closed. First the headquarters of the little things (Ios и Android), a once-popular video game show app that shut down in February. He returned on Sunday starting at 9pm ET, just in time for us. No, you won't find Scott Rogowsky hosting—it's a trivia train—but Matt Richards is at the helm, and even if you miss the first game on Sunday, a regular schedule should follow.

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Turning off trivia talk in bar companies have switched to Twitch streaming due to self-distancing rules. Notable brands include king of trivia (Sundays and Wednesdays at 10pm ET / 7pm PT) and geeks who drink. It was one of the social things to do weekly man who survived in a brand new lockdown format.

Final Cut Pro X

5. Make a movie with free English

English and Logic X is free for 90 days, which means you have three months to make a movie or prepare a song about your life in captivity courtesy of Apple. That's enough time to learn advanced techniques like color coding without having to pay $299 / £299 / AU$499.99 for FCPX or $199 / £199 / AU$319.99 for Prox Logic. While Adobe Premier Pro CC has become popular on Windows computers, it still looks like the king of Macs when it comes to making videos.

6. Take a trip… to a virtual museum or national park

The Love virtual tour

You can't go out to do small things like go to the cinema, let alone do much more fun than embarking on an expedition to another country. Trust usIt's a much better idea to stay at home during this coronavirus outbreak.

Good news: our 10 virtual tour and museums of the world from the comfort of your home list will allow you to visit the most popular museums and national parks in the United States practically. You can use a headset, but these tours also work with a smartphone or tablet.

Highlights include Machu Picchu in Peru (no walk), the Louvre Museum (Mona Lisa told us to say "Hello"), and the Georgia Aquarium in the US (not all schoolchildren completely block out giant beluga whales for some reason).

7. Become a Chef with Service Food Sets

The best thing to do at home reflects what we liked to do when we went out: eat. It's harder now, grocery store, delivery time slots for backup everywhere. To the very best of our ability, we are highlighting the best grocery delivery service to the US and the grocery delivery service to the UK.

Even better, now is your chance to become a chef with the best food prep kits delivering step by step recipes and essential ingredients. The blue apron is our favorite in the US, while HelloFresh is available in the US and UK.

If you're not ready to showcase your culinary skills, there are several food delivery services in the US and similar takeaway apps in the UK that will help you prepare prepared foods from the restaurants you usually visit. You will order you breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will support many problematic restaurants in your area.

  • Blue Apron? Hello Fresh? This is the best food, dct service

8. Play either eternal death or animal crossing

Doom Eternal

This past weekend, two new video games arrived that couldn't be more different, and we're grateful for the diversity of Bethesda Softworks and Nintendo.

This ride through hell is one of the best experiences you will have in 2020.

Doom Eternal is a beautiful yet brutal fantasy first-person shooter series that actually makes life at the moment look…not that bad. This ride through hell is one of the best experiences you will have in 2020. Our full Doom Eternal commentary agrees, with a five-star rating and an Editors' Choice award. It's fast-paced at 60fps and exceeded our expectations even when playing 8K with a $2,500 graphics card.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is on the other end of the spectrum - it's story-driven in the sense that there's nothing wrong with any good ASMR. This is fine. Everything is fine, says the main character Tim nook. The cute Nintendo social life simulator is perfect for modern self-isolation situations. Read our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review and think happy thoughts.

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One thing to note: while the new Animal Crossing is a mandatory Nintendo Switch-exclusive, Doom Eternal is available on a wider range of platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even Google Stadiums.

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9. Watch the movie series in order

Nothing eats up more time than a good long series, and because movies tend to have big budgets and high production values ​​(outside of a few TV shows), we're translating it (and also ran out of TV shows to watch this weekend) . Now is the perfect time to go through the entire film franchise – okay.

There are several different ways to watch movies in order, and we have links where you can watch most of the 23 Marvel movies (Disney Plus being the easiest way to watch most of them). If you're looking for things to do during lockdown, this will only take you 60 hours.

We also have lists for watching Star Wars Movies on Demand, Batman Movies on Order, James Bond Movies in order (sorry no time to die on hold), Star Trek order (including new-ish Picard series), the Harry Potter movies in order, and if you're in the mood for some brainless Vin Diesel-filmed entertainment, fast and furious films on order.

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10. Read the top 100 books

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Do it... but indoors or away from people, please.

It's easy to put off reading a book when life gets busy and you have to commute. But you are probably free of your commute if you work from home. So basically you have no excuse to flip through a few pages of an eBook.

Where to start? This is sometimes the hardest part, but we were impressed with Amazon's 100 books to read in a lifetime list. Not everyone will be your cup of tea, but there is something here for everyone, and most e-books are conveniently discounted.

Not a fan of reading? Hate the sound of my own voice in your head? Audible is the best tool for this. The Amazon-owned audiobook company still offers a free 30-day membership. The best parts? Both ebooks and audiobooks are delivered instantly and Amazon won't run out of inventory on.

  • Better light it up: is Amazon a reader worth buying?

11. Discover a new podcast

Noise Canceling podcast

Podcasts are software-and-great and often strike the right balance between being entertaining and informative. Notable podcasts including This American Life, consistent and things you need to know - they consistently rank in the top 50 on podcast platforms.

If we can be a little biased for a second, you should really check out Noise Cancellation, the best new tech podcast around. This is our new weekly podcast that talks about what's happening in technology, expanding into daily written coverage on the subject.

12. Clean up your gadgets - physically and digitally

We've launched a series on how to clean up articles, which is timely given that you've probably been putting it off for a long time in the run-up to the coronavirus outbreak. These are some of the best things to do if you haven't wiped down your frigging, germ-gathering gadgets.

The biggest culprit is your smartphone, which is why we've launched a how to clean your phone guide reflecting our tips on how to clean your iPad or tablet and how to clean your laptop screen. It's very easy to forget to clean your AirPods, but they could use a good massage too, or you don't see any visible wax. Don't forget about your Nintendo Switch and cleaning all your gaming devices. You will hug those who are tight during gaming marathons and they become germ magnets.

Already done everything? Now is also the best time to dive into your digital files with our How to Backup Your PC and What Format Your Mac guide. Backing up your photos with Google Photos is one of the best ways to use your free time.

We'll be keeping this list of things to update as the weeks of confinement go on and for as long as we feel we're offering helpful tips. We're not in a global call to arms, but around the world to call on the couch - and we understand that it can be difficult if you run out of interesting ideas during the start of the second week. We often give people buying advice, but we're just as happy to deliver enjoying advice.

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