Salt Air Amp+ True Wireless Headphones Review

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Salt Air Amp+ True Wireless Headphones Review
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Sol Republic seems to have been a bit of a lull over the past few years, but now the company is back with a plethora of products. Along with the new soundtrack headphones, the company has also released several new true wireless models, including the Salt Republic Air Amplifiers+.

Headphones seem to have a lot to offer. For starters, they are one of the few pairs of true wireless earbuds that boast noise cancellation. However, they come at a price. At $200, they're certainly not without competition. Are they worth the money? We tested the Salt Republic Air Amplifiers+ Headphones to find out.


The first thing you'll notice about these headphones is their design, and they look pretty good. They offer a sleek black and gray color scheme, along with a relatively small charging case that is easily compact.

The earbuds themselves offer an oval shape, and while they look a little bigger than some other true wireless earbuds, they actually end up quite happily on the side in the ears. Each bud has the Sol Republic logo. That logo actually serves as a touch surface - and you can press that surface to control playback. It's a great system, and the virtual absence of a button means you don't have to tuck your headphones into your ears to control playback.

Sol Republic Amps Air+ Design

In case of charging is not small, but it can fit perfectly in your pocket, which will always come in handy. On it you'll find a USB-C port, while on the front there are three LED lights to indicate batteries.

In the box, in addition to the earbuds themselves, you will receive a charging case, a USB-c charging cable, and a total of four pairs of ear tips. It's pretty much everything you need, though it would be nice to get a USB-c cable and USB adapter.

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The Salt Republic Air Boosters+ earbuds may be relatively large, but they fit well in the outer ear - and their design compared to some ensures they are less likely to fall out during daily use. Now, we probably don't recommend using them for sports as they will fall out with heavy traffic, but for everyday use, they should stay well in the ears.

Sol Republic Amps Air+ Comfort

While any in-ear headphones will make you feel uncomfortable after long listening, it actually remains quite comfortable for hours on end. They're not perfect, but as true as true wireless earphones, they're very close.


Ultimately, these are another $200 true wireless headphones, and as a result, you want them to sound good. And luckily they sound great.

Bass response, for starters, is not bad, easily letting the kick drums punch through the mix, and the bass guitar to offer a smooth, deep response. We were really surprised at the bass response to the offer here because it's really quite good.

The mid range is well tuned too. Headphones offer a rather scooped up response, and as a result they may not be the best choice for audiophiles who want natural sound. The bass and treble are cut a little, but not excessively so, and the sound quality is still very high.

The highs are fairly detailed, perhaps slightly accentuated by scooped cutouts. At times, the highs can feel a bit shrill, but then again, they don't overdo it, and that feeling was just for the holiday. And we would prefer the highs that you sometimes get pierced on the earpieces that are completely missing from the highs.

These headphones also offer noise cancellation, which is very good. Right now, of course, the noise canceling quality isn't as good as what you'd get from headphones like the Sony VG-1000XM3 headphones, but it's still pretty good and will quickly cut out some traffic noise on your commute.

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The Salt Republic Air Amplifiers+ Wireless Headphones connected to a listening device via Bluetooth 5.0, and we found that when connected to a smartphone, they maintained good connectivity throughout testing. The same cannot be said for their use with a Mac computer.

Battery life on the headphones comes in at six hours with noise cancellation, however turning it off will increase battery life to eight hours. It's very good - and certainly on the top end for true wireless headphones.


Silver Medals

Salt Republic Air Amplifiers+ Wireless Headphones provide good sound quality, nice design, comfortable fit and noise canceling. In fact, they are one of the few pairs of true wireless noise canceling headphones.

Because if you're not interested in getting Apple's AirPods Pro, then it's absolutely the best choice for noise canceling headphones in the $200 or less price range.

And, because of their good sound quality and comfortable fit, we're awarding these headphones a silver medal.

Shop Price
Sol Republic $199.99
frequency range Unknown Active Noise Cancellation Yes
Driver size 9.2 mm Noise suppression Unknown
Driver type Dynamic Headphone controls Yes
Closed Microphone No
Sensitivity Unknown cushion material Silicone
Nominal resistance
Unknown Magnet Material Unknown
Total harmonic distortion
Unknown Water resistance Dust IPX4
Rated input power
Unknown Battery life 6 hours (with ANC)
Maximum input power
Unknown Wireless distance 10m (33ft)
Wireless connection
Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity Length of cable N / A
Wired connection
No Case type Charging Case
Detachable cable
No In the box
  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB-c charging cable
  • Ear tips (x4 pairs)
The weight 0.27 pounds Colours Steel Grey, Champagne

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