How to watch Donald Trump coronavirus update live today

Coronavirus has already brought the world to a standstill, with the first cities and now entire countries under lockdown as governments around the world to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and save the lives of those most vulnerable to the virus.

While it is impossible to say what constitutes the best advice in such an unprecedented time, one thing we recommend is that everyone stay up to date and follow their government's latest guidance.

In the US, keeping up with the latest coronavirus news is relatively easy, as the White House hosts a daily Covid-19 briefing led by 45th President Donald Trump. Short version? Yes, it is now a state of emergency, and this alone is unlikely to just disappear.

If you live in America, are interested in knowing what's going on in the States, or just want to catch the president's next potential viral moment, here's how to watch Trump coronavirus updates today and don't miss new Covid-19 news as it happens.

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What time is the Donald Trump coronavirus update to start today?

From Big Macs to press briefings, Donald Trump is a man known for his love of routine — and that means the White House coronavirus updates live at the same time every day.

Daily briefings are held by the president and the rest of the coronavirus task force at 5pm ET, which is 2pm Fri until 10pm British Summer Time in the UK.

More recently, Donald retreated on US claims to be recovering from the pandemic by Easter, and now instead assuming that keeping the national death toll at 100,000 would be a good outcome for the country.

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How can I watch Trump's cornonavirus updates live?

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Use a VPN to Watch Trump's Coronavirus Updates Where YouTube Isn't Available

YouTube is available in many countries around the world, but is also blocked in some. Wherever it is, and you find yourself in this situation, remember that you can always use a clever program called a VPN (or VPN) to move your IP address to where you live and stream all the things you normally do Houses.

Just be aware of local regulations and consider if watching a Covid-19 trump speech today is worth potentially getting into trouble with the authorities.

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