Where to Buy Nintendo Switch: Here you can make Switch Lite right now

Have you been trying to track down a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite in the last few days? You probably noticed that these consoles are sold everywhere. You can still make the Light switch, though: scroll down for places that still have stock. The stock switch is pretty much gone, though, unless you're willing to pay outrageously high unit prices. We will update this page when they return. It looks like Light Switch may sell out in the coming days too, as we've seen several retailers run out of stock. But there are places where they still sell them in the US and UK.

Below, we've taken the reasons the switch sale out of context, and provided our predictions of when it will be available based on our past experience covering the console during peak sales periods. In addition, we will also let you know where to buy a Nintendo Switch again, that stock will still come back, and highlight some Current Switch or Switch Lite in stock can be found.

Check out our Nintendo switch bundles and deals page for around-the-clock console supplies you're doing, but you're much more likely to find a light switch in there now than a main switch.

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Where to Buy Nintendo Now: Here's the Last Remaining Lite Switch in Stock

If you're looking for a complete, clip-on Nintendo Switch console in the US, UK, and Australia, you may have to wait a bit. The stock has completely dried up, and what is left is hard to find at a reasonable price.

However, if you're looking for where to buy a PDA-only Nintendo Switch Lite, you might be more out of luck. There's still a small supply across the US, UK and Australia for you to take advantage of, but we've had to keep updating these records over the last few days stock has sold out. So take it now if you want it.

Why is Nintendo Switch Selling?

It's a combination of several factors: The global pandemic has led to a flurry of people buying consoles to fill their indoor hours, which is no surprise. At the same time, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has released a highly anticipated game and a massive crossover hit that has captured the imagination of a wide, mainstream audience. The switch has been regularly selling for a while now. This only exacerbated the problem.

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Also, back in February, Bloomberg published a report warning that a potential problem with a component of supplies from China (caused by the coronavirus) would see stock run out as soon as April. Based on the reasoning mentioned in this post, it looks like they were pretty on the money with the timing, except for stocks that seem to be going even faster than that.

'Nintendo switch hardware is selling at various outlets in the US, but more systems are on the way.' We apologize for any inconvenience,” is what Nintendo told Chet in a statement. So, more is on the way. But when will you be able to buy a Nintendo Switch?

When will Nintendo Switch be in stock?

Assuming supply chains are functioning normally, our forecast is that it could take about a month for stock to return. What are we starting from? Well, last year in the UK, the switch sold out during the Christmas period and this continued until the end of January with promotions being published in every major store.

Another benchmark in the US: Amazon's latest remaining Switching Lightweight model is available for pre-order at the time of writing on stock date May 7, 2020. It doesn't seem unlikely, as it's realistic that we could see a wider stock for this particular unit. That being said, it's possible Nintendo is taking other steps to meet the unprecedented demand, and we could see the consoles arrive a little early. We will have to wait and see.

Again, these are just predictions, but you can be guaranteed that if the switch doesn't come back, people will be running around to claim new consoles. It is very likely to sell again.

In the meantime, our advice is to avoid being gouged by third party sellers who overcharge. $279.99 $299.99/£/AU$469 is the suggested retail price/price for the stock switch, while $199.99/£199.99/AU$329 is the price for the Lite switch. Paying higher is not worth it if you are picking up a game kit and accessories.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch when stock returns

As soon as these consoles hit that warehouse, retailers want to get them on the shelves. And you can bet they'll be flying trucks just as fast. If you hear the word that the Nintendo Switch is in stock in the US, Amazon and Volmart will be your best bid.

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With massive inventory, prompt delivery and fast checkout processes, these retailers are ready to pick up your Nintendo Switch order ahead of the pack. Plus, for all the time covering Nintendo Switch Bundle deals, these stores should consistently win in value, which means you're more likely to grab some extra for your cash.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch

In the UK, Kerris and game , most likely offering the first sets of the pack, though don't underestimate the power Argos same day delivery if you want your console now. We'll probably see better prices coming out of Kerris, who usually want to add value to the console as demand peaks, and if you're looking for a quick checkout time to secure yours before everyone else, you'll want to keep an eye on Amazon. and.

If the stock is already cleaned up at these retailers by the time you get there, you'll still be left wondering where to buy a Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, a lot of non-tech retailers stock Nintendo Switch, so you'll have good luck with John Lewis, jacamo website and studio among others.

In Australia, Amazon is probably your best bet, although it's worth keeping an eye on other online stores such as Kogan and eBay. Major retail chains such as JB Hi-Fi and Big W are also likely to receive new promotions, while game retailers such as Games, EB and gamesmen are also expected to receive more units soon.

Don't leave yourself wondering where to buy a Nintendo switch for the day, now it's ready and you have every chance of hobbled when the masses rush to the shelves.

Right now, you're more likely to find Switch Lite than you are a regular Switch, but the stock is still selling fast. Here is a brief price comparison table for Light switch:

And here you will find a brief comparison of the price charts for the circuit breaker itself.

We will keep you updated on the stock level of the switch.

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