So far, another Windows 10 update is causing problems - but Microsoft isn't doing anything about it

It looks like another Windows 10 update is causing problems for some people, but for Microsoft at the moment it doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.

The supposedly problematic update for Windows 10 KB4541335 was released on March 24 as an optional update that should fix some bugs in Windows 10 and Windows 10 1903 1909 the last two major versions of the operating system from Microsoft.

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While this optional update seems to install correctly for most people, windows last reports that some users are experiencing issues including system crashes when playing games.

Another user reported that they are getting the dreaded blue screen of death error with the message “whea_uncorrectable_error” and this happens while watching a YouTube video.

Meanwhile, other users have reported on Microsoft's feedback hub that their PCs perform poorly after installing the patch, with high CPU usage when the device is charging, and parts of the Windows 10 interface appear to have become unresponsive.

No reason to be alarmed… more

While the reports this latest update causes concerns regarding, it seems that the number of people reporting issues is relatively small. This is because the problematic update is optional, which means it is not automatically downloaded and installed.

Instead, users have to manually update, which hopefully means not many people have installed it.

Meanwhile, it seems that Microsoft is not doing anything about this issue, with windows, the latter reports that the company is not aware of any known issues with the update.

We reached out to Microsoft for our own comments. If these issues become more persistent, we hope that Microsoft will take the reports seriously and work on a fix.

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For now, if you're having trouble installing an update, you can uninstall it.

Open the Settings app (gear icon in the Start menu or by pressing Windows + I on your keyboard), click the Update & Security button.

From the window that appears, click the 'Windows Update' button on the left menu, then 'View Update History'. Updates, click the "Uninstall" button and then select KB4541335 to remove it. The problems should now be fixed.

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