Leaked Samsung Galaxy buds redesign ditch liners stems

A new leak reveals Samsung is working on new headphones to follow the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Plus Buds – and based on the 3D renderings that have surfaced, there will be big design changes.

News and images come courtesy К, and it appears that the stalks on the current Galaxy Buds Plus have been ditched in favor of a bean shape - and indeed the earbuds' codename is rumored to be "beans."

The sources for, say, new bean buds are 2,8 cm (1,1 inches) long, so they should fit snugly into the very ears. Although there are no silicone eartips, so any noise-canceling tech could suffer as a result.

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These earbuds come with two tiny speakers embedded in them, which will produce better sound across the board. Microphones will be turned on again, so you can make calls, get chatty with Bixby, and so on.

Samsung Beans

No word yet on battery life, but the earbuds are at the first technical test (EVT1) stage, and it's apparently possible that they could show up with the Galaxy Note 20 as early as this year.

No word on pricing yet - the latest Galaxy Buds Plus went on sale in March for $149.99 / £159 / AU$299, so expect something like that when the next set of headphones arrive.

The truly wireless in-ear headphones market continues to become more and more competitive: it's less than four years ago that Apple's original AirPods hit the scene, and since then we've seen an avalanche of similar products.

Next to appear may well be Google's refreshed Pixel Buds, which is expected to launch in the first half of 2020. It may well be Samsung's new headphones that win the award for the most innovative design of the year, though.

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