Repair of Apple equipment: the most frequent breakdowns

Everyone knows that Apple technology is one of the most reliable and durable, and this has won sincere trust from consumers in all countries. But no matter how carefully the owners treat their smartphones, tablets, no one is immune from accidental breakdowns.

The most common breakdowns

Depending on the faults, repair is conditionally divided into hardware and software. On the site You can see all the options in detail, but the most common breakdowns are as follows:

  • screen damage. If the touchscreen does not work properly, then you will not be able to fully use your smartphone. Even if the sensor responds to pressing, but the glass is cracked or broken, this will interfere. Then flickering, ripples, spots on the screen will begin to appear. Most often, this problem is associated with a strong impact on hard objects. Mechanical damage or water ingress is also possible;
  • damage to the case cover or home button. If a scratch or crack appears on the case, then the appearance of the gadget deteriorates greatly, because it will no longer look like new. If there are problems with the button in the center, then you will not be able to fully use all the functionality of the device. Most often, such breakdowns are caused by negligence in the operation of gadgets, strong blows, falls, moisture;
  • battery problems. Sooner or later, in any gadgets, batteries begin to discharge faster. His work is usually designed for a couple of years, and then the performance begins to deteriorate. Sometimes it won't charge at all. The reasons are usually associated with a breakdown of the charger, a malfunction of the controller, damage to the cable connector or the wire itself;
  • problems with the microphone or speaker. Usually they are damaged due to prolonged and careless operation of the device, ingress of water or dust. The sound gradually weakens, it is not possible to adjust its volume. During a call, the interlocutor is almost inaudible;
  • motherboard damage. In this case, the gadget may not work at all. It is here that the processor is located, which ensures the speed and functionality of the device.
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You may also need software repairs. Usually this applies to situations when “glitches” appear when the gadget is working, there are viruses, etc. Sometimes the device does not have a menu in Russian, or it does not see the SIM card.

Why you should contact the TotalService service center

Service center TotalService will repair any breakdown and any Apple gadget. The main advantages of this company:

  • quality repair;
  • affordable prices;
  • extensive work experience;
  • qualified employees;
  • quality spare parts for any devices;
  • fast diagnostics and repair;
  • counseling.

If you need to quickly and well repair gadgets from Apple, then the service center will help in this matter. In a short time, your favorite smartphone, tablet will work again.

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