modern bee hives

In nature, wild bees live in hollows of trees, build hanging nests for themselves on branches, and even dig holes in the ground.

People learned to use bee products for their own purposes, and at first they looked for honey and wax in bee nests, and then they even placed artificial bee houses in their area - apiary.

This is a very interesting and at the same time profitable business. It has long been no longer a curiosity, located neatly next to the hives, near the dwelling. The fantasy of mankind has allowed today to have a variety of houses for bees, but the most popular are still wooden and polystyrene foam. Each type has its undeniable advantages and features.

All bee hives they differ not only in the material of execution, but also in a number of other parameters: design, dimensions, weight, etc. The price of products depends on these criteria.

The most popular and common hives today are considered to be multi-case options - vertical (risers) and horizontal (sunbeds). For someone, the form of the first option seems more convenient and practical, for someone of the second. These houses are easy to disassemble and transport from one place to another.

Multi-hull hives have many advantages over other types. Warm, multifunctional, promote the growth of bee colonies.

How to make the right choice?

Among the wide variety of bee houses, sometimes it is so difficult to make the right choice. To do this, it is necessary to take into account many criteria: the scale of the apiary, the estimated budget, the terrain (sunbeds are more suitable for cold areas, they are warmer).

It is worth noting that cast hives do not have the ability to be affected by mold, they are not afraid of pests.

The task of each beekeeper is to be able to purchase high-quality and environmentally friendly hives in which the bees will be comfortable and they will bring good profits.

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The cost of beehives for bees is usually acceptable. The online store will help you make the right choice, as well as acquaint you with all the features of each individual option. When choosing the design of evidence, the personal preferences of the beekeeper himself, who needs to get the full return on his work at any cost, are of great importance.

Making an order in the online store, each buyer will make a worthy choice for himself!

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