Why the iPhone SE 2020 is actually Apple's cheapest phone of all time

Apple is trying to pretend it's not going to release a low-cost iPhone, and one could argue that it still isn't - after all, the $399 price of a new SE 2020 iPhone is badge-priced for the 2016 model.

(For the sake of simplicity, we'll list the iPhone SE 2020 price in dollars - but it starts at $ 499 / £419 / AS$749 / Rs 42,500, depending on your area).

Well, the current and old iPhone share the GP at the same price, the last one came out four years ago. Adjusting for inflation, the same phone would cost $429 in the current market, so Apple's new iPhone is easily the cheapest brand offered.

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I am sure that the iPhone SE is basically for the iPhone 8 with a more powerful engine - and that the device was also sold for $399 late - but that more horsepower is very important for one reason: upgrades.

Here's the fact that the iPhone 8 will be off sale now - and the old iPhone 8 page on the official website redirects to a big notice about iPhone SE 2020.

That's what makes the iPhone SE the "new" iPhone - with the A13 Bionic chipset, this is a model that will be supported for at least three years, and in fact, most likely much longer.

These updates will continue to bring new features, the latest versions of iOS, and - most importantly - security.

If you even look at it, Apple is gradually dropping the price of new iPhones, putting itself in the frame for a buyer who wants to spend an "average" amount of money on an iPhone.

Infinite (price) war

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This mid-range range of phones is becoming the new battleground for volume - it's the Samsung Galaxy S20, which is no longer a flagship phone (it's the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra).

On a divorce 8 pro heading device attracting attention after a recent launch, but this divorce on 8 is the phone that will take the most sales.

Apple itself acknowledged that by pointing out that the best-selling phone from the iPhone range is the iPhone 11, which is underperforming compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Duo (which Apple claims is in places two and three, though we couldn't verify that data).

The most popular iPhone of 2018? This is for the iPhone XR, which was the top selling phone last year. Viewers vote with their wallets: cheaper iPhones are popular.

Therefore, choosing now to reset the iPhone and CE - something we've been reporting on the cusp of happening for years - it shows that Apple has finally learned from its previous 'budget iPhone' bug.

The iPhone 5s, the plastic-shelled iPhone 5, was released in 2013 for less than the mainstream device... but in today's money, that would still run at over $700.

It's incredible for a phone that isn't premium polish. Even though the 8GB model came later, the capacity was too low to do most things - including installing some updates.

Price is more important than ever

New iPhone SE

2020 needs a cheap iPhone, something that strikes the balance between shareware ($399 isn't cheap, anyway) and still desirable.

The smaller form factor (although it doesn't feel like five minutes ago we called 4-inch screens big in hand) the iPhone 8 is the perfect choice to keep alive for a few more years.

As our managing editor Matt Swidera says: 'The new iPhone SE is one that I will buy from my parents.

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As Apple promotes its services more and more, any portal to get Apple Music, Apple, arcade and singing app store on the same device remains an attractive purchase – many potential customers don't care about half at the moment 11, and some have welcomed the move. to bring back a smaller screen and hardware buttons.

However, we're far from the SE 2020 iPhone, which is an inevitable success as Apple needs to make sure it gets one thing right: the camera.

Camera is a key feature that Apple should get right on the iPhone SE 2020

Because while the iPhone SE from 2016 was such a big hit (it's been selling well for the last four years, and I knew all sorts of relatives to pick it up as a 'smart buy' for those who want a smaller iPhone) it wasn't just as powerful, like the iPhone 6s, but it had the same camera equipment, which was incredible.

The new iPhone SE has a very similar camera sensor to the one inside the iPhone 8, but Apple believes that the processing power of the A13 bionic chips inside will do the job of making photos look stunning.

If the SE 2020 iPhone really proves to be a decent camera phone that surpasses even the popular iPhone XC, then Apple will have a very interesting offer: a cheap iPhone with a good camera.

Which will attract many users, and add to the Apple ecosystem, spend more every month on these services. Some might say that the SE iPhone may have gone further, with a larger or longer battery than the iPhone 8, but Apple believes the current listing specs are the necessary sacrifice to hit the price target - and that's a big step forward for 2020.

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