Google Satisfaction Gets Zoom-ESK Layout, Gmail Integration

Google Meet's video conferencing app will get new zoom-esque layouts later this month, according to Mr. Suite by Javier Soltero.

The new layout will allow up to 16 conference participants on screen at once, up from the previous maximum of four.

Soltero also announced a new Gmail integration that will allow paid email service users to make and receive calls directly through appointments. The new features will be integrated into Gmail in the sidebar, in the same way as Google Chat functionality.

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The Google Meet, which is different from the consumer Google Hangout, will also get upgrades for its video quality in low light and background noise filtering systems.

Meet the update on Google

Google's latest raft of meet opportunities come in the midst of skyrocketing user growth as staff and students around the world turn to service in the coronavirus quarantine.

Google announced last week the service 25 times users did so in January, and is now adding up to two million new users each day - from a recent peak, reportedly seeing Meet increase its user base by 60% in a single day.

The firm has also expanded the availability of some meet features normally reserved for the G Suite to corporate clients, aiming to help businesses navigate the ongoing crisis. Additional features include video for up to 100 viewers and the ability to hold video conferences for up to 000 participants.

According to Google, the latest updates to the meeting are meant to facilitate a smooth transition between different forms of communication.

“More and more people are working and learning from home, we want to make it easier for you to get connected and keep things moving forward,” said Google.

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“With Meet in Gmail, you can easily start or join a meeting in seconds. Our goal is to help you keep track of the day, seamlessly switching between email and video meetings – whatever form of communication you need.”

While users have to wait for new layouts, the Gmail integration will go live almost immediately for r customers using the web service.

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