New McLaren Sports Series Hybrid Seen in Production Body

2020 McLaren Sports Series Hybrid prototype New entry-level Woking, where the supercar will be equipped with a hybridized V6 and will appear later this year

A test mule appears to be in the McLaren's upcoming hybrid sport-series model and was seen dressed in production bodywork for the first time.

Despite the heavy camouflage, it can be seen that the prototype styling will follow in the recent Woking GT's footsteps, although its lowered suspension and shorter overhangs mean more emphasis on performance.

Other visible details include a gaping front air intake and an imposing rear diffuser, while new elliptical brake lights appear to sit behind the grille vents, though it's not clear if this feature will be brought to production. The exhaust outlets are centrally located, as is the case with the super flagship series, the 720s category.

The sighting comes after recent comments with McLaren boss Mike Flewitt that the firm is stepping up development of electrified models.

“We have experience with hybrid systems with cars like the P1, the P1 GTR and the Speedtail,” he told the car.and that the recipe offers a car that can be both truly economical and an exciting ride is still our goal. McLaren is all about building a better driver's car, and we're seeing opportunities with hybrid [powertrains], in terms of instant torque and filling gaps in the powerband.”

First mainstream McLaren hybrid later this year

The electrified new powertrain model will combine a twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine with a closed-capacity electric motor. Job details have yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to only be able to travel 20 miles on electricity.

The Sport Series replacement is also expected to come with a charging port, making it a plug-in hybrid rather than the regenerative hybrid system found in the P1. It's also both petrol and electric powered with just the rear wheels.

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Until the weight of the hybrid system can be completely abolished, Flewitt hopes to minimize it. “I've always said my goal was to run the hybrid at the same weight as the outgoing car,” he said of the car last year.

“We're not going to hit, but we're going to be in the 30-40kg range. If you consider that the hybrid system P1 was 140kg, we did a huge amount to manage the weight. I piloted a prototype and the car is very convincing. We wouldn't run him if he didn't."


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