Best iPhone Apps 2024

There are thousands of iOS apps to choose from—so many, in fact, that it can be hard to know which ones are worth trying.

Whether you're an experienced iPhone user or someone who's recently switched from Android to iOS, finding the perfect app for, say, sending email, checking the weather, taking notes, or playing a relaxing game is no easy task. You have a lot of options, and because the App Store shows ads in some search results, it's even more difficult to determine which apps are the best.

Luckily, we at Pocket-lint have tried more apps than you can imagine and have been using the iPhone since 2007. To help you, we've put together this comprehensive guide to the best iPhone apps. Download any of them and you won't be disappointed. We've categorized everything so everything should be easy to digest.

Best iPhone Apps

Cloud storage

Apple iCloud Drive

This is Apple's own cloud service. The documents, media, and folders you store in iCloud Drive are always up to date on all your Apple devices, so you can access them from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC, as well as You get 5 GB of space for free to get started.

Try it right now:Apple iCloud Drive


Dropbox allows you to store and share files and folders in the cloud, scan documents and collaborate with others, all data is securely synced across all your devices so you can access it anytime, anywhere. You get 2 GB of space for free to start.

Try it now: Dropbox

Google Drive

Google Drive is similar to Dropbox, only you get 15GB free to start with, and it directly supports the entire Google product portfolio. For example, you can view your Google Photos or Google Docs files and invite others to view, edit, or leave comments.

Try Now:Google Drive

Dating and relationships


It is a dating app similar to Tinder. Only with Bumble do women take the first step so that all users can build relationships more respectfully.

Try it now: Bumble


OKCupid are complete profiles where you can showcase your personality and interests. You can answer thousands of questions about yourself or just a few, and this algorithm will help you connect with people who share your passions.

Try it now: OKCupid


Tinder is a very popular dating app. It works like this: Match. Chat. Date of. You swipe right on a profile picture/profile to like someone, or swipe left to pass. If someone loves you back, it's a coincidence who you can hang out with.

Try it now: Tinder


Grindr is a social networking and chat app for gay, bisexual, transgender and gay people. It's not as full-featured or pretty as, say, Tinder, but it's still the #1 option for the LGBT community.

Try it now: Grindr


Alto's Odyssey

This is a continuation of the Odyseey Adventure app. You play the role of a snowboarder flying across an endless gorgeous landscape. While in Adventure players were on a cold mountain, in Odyssey you will find pastures and desert landscapes.

Try it now: Alto's Odyssey

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a tower rush game where you can fight against players from all over the world in real-time 1v1 and 2v2 battles. ".

Try it now: Clash Royale


This is a battle royale game where you gather and compete to be the last survivor in 100 player PvP. You must build cover, fight opponents, and last the longest to earn victory.

Try it now: Fortnite

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a popular live game show where you can win real cash prizes. Every day you connect to HQ live to answer quizzes that range from easy to hard and see if you can win money.

Try it now: HQ Trivia


In this card battler, you are the hero who uses cards to "cast spells, summon minions, and take control" on the battlefield. You can jump right into the game, build your deck, hone your skills, and fight for glory in the Arena and take on the players.

Try it now: Hearthstone

LEGO AR Studio

LEGO AR Studio is an augmented reality app that lets you play with virtual toys and LEGO sets in the real world. You can move and position everything, learn details about your set and try filming. You control the entire experience.

Try it now: LEGO AR Studio

Monument Valley

This is a sequel to 2014's Monument Valley. This is an indie puzzle game where the goal is to guide Ro and her child through mazes, optical illusions and impossible objects to complete the puzzle.

Try it now: Monument Valley

Pokemon Go

In this game, mobile augmented reality capabilities appeared in 2016. It allows you to become a trainer who can search for Pokémon in the real world, as well as catch, breed, evolve, and more. You can even participate in epic battles in the gym.

Try it now: Pokemon Go

PUBG Mobile

It's a Fortnite Battle Royal style game that has 100 players parachuting onto a remote island. Players must find and collect their own weapons, vehicles, and supplies, and defeat each player to be the last one standing.

Try it right now: PUBG Mobile

Sky: Children of the Light

Fly across the vast expanse to help the heavenly creatures return to heaven in this exciting social quest.

Try it right now: Sky: Children of the Light


Threes is an indie puzzle game in which the player moves numbered tiles around a grid to combine sums and multiples of three. The game ends when there are no more moves left on the grid and the tiles are counted for the final score.

Try it right now: threes

United Wizards

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game that immerses you in a magical world. Become a witch or a wizard, roam among the Muggles defending the International Statute of Magical Secrecy to ensure the world remains a mystery.

Try it now: Wizards Unite

Health & Fitness


Clue is a menstrual cycle tracking app that uses science to help you discover patterns in your menstrual cycle, get personalized reminders for your period, PMS, ovulation and fertility, and track everything from your mood to exercise.

Try: Clue

Couch up to 5K

Have you ever wanted to be a runner? Then check out the official Couch to 5K workout app! It says that if you spend just 20-30 minutes running—three times a week for nine weeks—you'll be ready to finish your first 5K (3,1 mile) run.

Try it right now: Couch up to 5K


C25K is another Couch to 5K program. Like the others, it combines running and walking, gradually increasing your strength and endurance.

Try it right now: C25K


Headspace is a guided meditation app. The basic course is completely free and will teach you the basic techniques of meditation and mindfulness. After that, by subscribing, you will be able to access the full library of Headspace meditation.

Try it right now: Headspace


Synctuition is another meditation app, although it's a bit less manageable than Headspace. You simply put on your headphones, close your eyes, and for 20-30 minutes enjoy a carefully chosen combination of sounds and music to relax without any hassle.

Try it right now: Synctuition

Lose it!

Lose it! This is a weight loss program. You just download the app, set a goal and track products to lose weight.

Try it right now: Lose it!


Integrated with Under Armor apps and devices, MyFitnessPal helps you track nutrition, set goals, log exercise, and get support.

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Try it right now: MyFitnessPal

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire yoga session. It offers different poses with varying degrees of difficulty and will help you learn all the poses.

Try it right now: Pocket Yoga


Runkeeper helps those of you with an Apple Watch or a wearable like a Fitbit track your workouts with GPS, set goals, see your progress, and more.

Try it right now: RunKeeper


This is another GPS-enabled running app that allows you to track distance, time, speed, altitude, calories burned and other statistics.

Try it right now: Runtastic

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns and decides when to wake you up in a light sleep state - naturally.

Try it right now: Sleep Cycle

Strava Running and Cycling

Strava not only lets you track your run, but also activities like swimming, hiking, CrossFit, gym workouts, surfing, yoga, and more.

Try it right now: Strava Running and Cycling

The mindfulness app

This is a guided practice meditation app with timed sessions, reminders and statistics so you can track your meditation journey.

Try it right now: The mindfulness app

Think Dirty

Quickly scan or search any product in your home and find out if it contains toxic chemicals and carcinogens. (Warning: You will be shocked.) This app mainly helps you shop carefully.

Try it right now: Think Dirty

Daily yoga

Daily Yoga offers over 500 asanas, 200 guided yoga, pilates and meditation sessions, 50 workout plans and even coaching workshops.

Try it right now: Daily yoga

Zombies Run

Think of it like a controlled running app, but with it you hear the zombies all around you. So there is only one thing left: run!

Try it right now: Zombies Run


Apple Music

This is Apple's music subscription service built into its devices. With it, you can stream almost any tune you've ever wanted to hear.

Try it right now: Apple Music


Apple's GarageBand turns your iPad and iPhone into a recording studio so you can create and mix music—or even DJ—on the go.

Try it right now: GarageBand


Pandora is a classic music app that is essentially a digital radio. It allows you to create stations from your favorite songs, artists or genres.

Try it right now: Pandora


SoundCloud is a music and audio streaming platform with over 180 million tracks. It allows you to download audio and find new music in one place.

Try it right now: SoundCloud


Spotify is similar to Apple Music, only it's not tied to Apple devices, and there's a freemium tier that lets you listen to ad-supported stations and playlists.

Try it right now: Spotify



This is a password manager. It remembers all your passwords, allows you to create passwords and easily log into websites and applications.

Try it right now: 1Password


Traveling to another country? Or just want to quietly browse at home? With this application, you can enjoy secure and private Internet access and protect your Wi-Fi connections from various cyber threats. To get started, there is a free trial.

Try it right now: NordVPN

onion browser

Onion Browser is an original free and open source web browser based on Tor that helps you surf the Internet with more security and privacy.

Try it right now: onion browser

Books, audiobooks and podcasts

Apple Podcast

It's Apple's built-in iOS podcast app that lets you find audio stories. It offers over 550 shows with nearly 000 million episodes.

Try: Apple Podcast


Audible, an Amazon company, claims to be the largest selection of audiobooks. You can buy and listen to them with this app.

Try it right now: Audible


Breaker is an alternative to podcasts, but it only has 300 podcasts available. It also allows you to follow your friends, like and comment.

Try it right now: Breaker


Want to explore over 100 digital comics and graphic novels? This app has titles from Marvel, DC, Image and more.

Try it right now: Comixology

Google Play Books

The Google Play Book app lets you browse and enjoy millions of book titles, from audiobooks to e-books, in one central location.

Try it right now: Google Play Books

Kindle Reader

Amazon's Kindle Reader lets you turn your iPhone into a Kindle. This allows you to download and carry all your e-books with you wherever you go.

Try it right now: Kindle Reader


Kobo is an alternative e-book and audio book store with over six million titles to choose from. It also allows you to listen and read books.

Try it right now: Kobo


Did you know that your local library has thousands of eBooks and audiobooks? You can borrow them instantly and for free with Libby.

Try it right now: Libby


Overcast is a "modern, full-featured" podcast player that aims to give you more control over your listening experience with customizable playlists, reduced silence, an intuitive interface, and other unique features.

Try it right now: Overcast



If you're looking for an app to learn new languages, Duolingo is a great option. There is a free version as well as a $9,99 Duolingo Plus tier that cuts down on ads and gives you the ability to download lessons to study offline.

Try it right now: Duolingo


This is an easy to use language learning app with a fun side. Learn everything from French to Norwegian.

Try it right now: Memrise

StudyBlue Flashcards

StudyBlue is a crowdsourced library of materials designed to help you pass your exams. It has over 10 million students and over 500 million cards.

Try it now: StudyBlue Flashcards


Designed to "quench your curiosity and expand your world", this app contains over 3000 free videos from the most amazing people around the world.

Try it right now: TED

Wolfram Alpha

If you need to perform high-level mathematical calculations or look up facts and statistics, WolframAlpha is worth a try. Basically, it's a powerful tool for finding information on math, science, and other topics.

Try it right now: Wolfram Alpha

Film and TV

apple tv app

The Apple TV app lets you view content from over 100 video services. You will find movies and shows, sports broadcasts and news. It's available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV so you can watch it at home or on the go.

Try it right now: apple tv app


With HBO Now, you can watch our favorite episodes of HBO series (like Game of Thrones and Westworld) for a monthly subscription.

Try it right now: HBO Now


Hulu offers an entire library of movies and shows (including Seinfeld, South Park, and Fear the Walking Dead) for a monthly subscription. For an additional fee, you get over 50 live channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS and ESPN.

Try it right now: Hulu


IMDb, an Amazon company, is the authoritative source for all things Hollywood. Explore popular movies and TV shows and their cast, and access trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and show schedules (and buy tickets) near you.

Try it right now: IMDb


Netflix is ​​the king of streaming services. For a monthly subscription, you get access to Netflix Originals and many more movies and shows.

Try it right now: Netflix

Prime Video

Prime Video is included with an Amazon Prime subscription. With it, you get access to Amazon Originals, as well as many other movies and shows.

Try it right now: Prime Video

YouTube TV

Like the Hulu Live TV offering, YouTube TV offers free live cable TV, so you can stream major broadcasts and networks, from ABC to ESPN. It also has cloud storage and a monthly pay-as-you-go membership that you can cancel at any time.

Try it right now: YouTube TV


YouTube is the original source of online video. Use it to watch beauty tutorials, game streams, music videos and more - all for free and with ads.

Try it right now: YouTube


Facebook Messenger

If you use Facebook, you are definitely using Messenger. But it can be linked to your number, allowing you to send text messages to anyone on your list of friends or contacts. You can also have filtered video chats, play games, access business chatbots, and more.

Try it right now: Facebook Messenger


In a ton of group chats? GroupMe makes it easy to keep track of them all. You can name groups, use avatars, and save your photos and videos in group chats.

Try it right now: GroupM


Discord is a fully cross-platform chat app, so you can use it from your phone or computer, and it has all the features you'd expect from a chat app, including voice chat. You can also join the group via the link. The whole application is aimed, in particular, at gamers.

Try it right now: Discord

Marco Polo

Instead of waiting for everyone to be ready to call, Marco Polo lets you record a video and send it when you have time. Your friends can either watch it then or watch it later.

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Try it right now: Marco Polo


With Signal, you can instantly chat with all your friends at the same time and even share media and other files with complete privacy. Signal uses an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol for every message.

Try it right now: Signal


Slack is a communication and collaboration application. Designed primarily for business, this is an indispensable messenger for teams.

Try it right now: Slack


WhatsApp is a free messaging app that uses your phone's internet connection and is tied to your number. You use it to send and receive encrypted messages and calls. You can also send photos, videos and voice messages.

Try it right now: WhatsApp

Photo and video

Apple clips

Clips is an Apple app that makes editing polished videos easy and effortless. Apple already offers several video creation tools, from high-quality Final Cut Pro to iMovies. Clips is an alternative free option.

Try: Apple clips


Without all the complicated tools of say Adobe Photoshop, FaceTune basically lets you retouch selfies right from your iPhone.

Try it right now: Facetune

Google Photos

Google Photos is an app that allows you to store and view all of your photos and videos, as well as create your own animations and GIFs.

Try it right now: Google Photos

Google Scan

PhotoScan is an app from Google Photos that helps you perfectly and easily scan printed photos using your phone's camera.

Try it right now: Google Scan


This hidden gem is like FaceTune, but on steroids. Its beautifying feature is perfect for retouching your selfies.

Try it right now: Meitu

Photoshop Mix

Adobe has several photography apps, but we think Photoshop Mix is ​​interesting because it has some of Photoshop's most powerful tools. However, it still attracts a wide range of users. You can create simple collages or do more complex photoshops, whichever you prefer.

Try it now: Photoshop Mix

Premiere Rush CC

This is Adobe's answer to Apple Clips. It lets you shoot, edit, and share online videos and is designed for short clips, not longer ones.

Try it right now: Premiere Rush CC


Prisma is a photo editing app that creates amazing photo effects by turning your photos into paintings using so-called artistic filters.

Try it right now: Prisma

Specter Camera

This AI-powered app uses a variety of technologies to make sure everyone can take amazing long exposure photos.

Try it right now: Specter Camera


The Apple iMovie app is available for iOS and Mac. It allows you to browse your video library and create movies in a fast, fun and easy way.

Try it right now: iMovie


Apple Mail

This is Apple's built-in mail app. It's far from perfect, but still one of the best options out there. In our opinion, it even outperforms the Gmail app.

Try it right now: Apple Mail

Apple Pages

Pages is Apple's free word processor. It's available on all Apple devices and syncs with iCloud so you can continue editing on any device.

Try: Apple Pages

Apple numbers

Apple's own versions of Microsoft Excel is a beautiful spreadsheet application that is designed for mobile and is free to use.

Try: Apple numbers

Apple Keynote

Next comes Apple's version of Microsoft PowerPoint. This is a free app built from the ground up for mobile devices. And it makes creating a professional presentation with animated charts and cinematic transitions a breeze.

Try it right now: Apple Keynote

Microsoft Word

Word is the gold standard for word processors and is often used in the workplace. But it requires an Office 365 subscription on iPhone.

Try it right now: Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Excel is probably the most popular spreadsheet application in the world, used by companies and schools around the world. But it requires an Office 365 subscription.

Try it right now: Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

With PowerPoint, you can quickly create, edit, view, present or share presentations. Again, you need an Office 365 subscription.

Try it right now: Microsoft PowerPoint

Google Docs

Simply put, Docs is a cloud-based alternative to Word. Use it to create, edit, save, and even collaborate on documents on the go.

Try it right now: Google Docs

Google Sheets

Sheets is a cloud-based alternative to Excel. Use it to create, edit, save, and even collaborate on spreadsheets on the go.

Try it right now: Google Sheets

Google Slides

Slides is a cloud-based alternative to Powerpoint. Use it to create, edit and collaborate on presentations from your iPhone.

Try it right now: Google Slides

Google Calendar

Google is a powerful productivity and collaboration tool, and Calendar is a prime example. It allows you to view, edit and sync your schedule across platforms and devices. You can also create a group calendar to share with others.

Try it right now: Google Calendar

Google Chrome

If you hate Safari, consider giving Chrome a try, especially if you're using the desktop app. It is a powerful browser that syncs across all your devices.

Try it right now: Google Chrome


Evernote is a popular note-taking app. You can enter typed notes or scan handwritten notes. You can also add to-do lists, photos, images, web pages, or audio, and they sync across your devices so your information is always with you.

Try it right now: Evernote

Focus keeper

Focus Keeper helps you "keep productivity high while avoiding burnout with a timer." The point is to help you work with time, not against it!

Try it right now: Focus keeper


If you don't want to use Apple Mail, consider using Spark. It allows you to discuss emails privately with teams in a thread, schedule emails, access integrations like Dropbox, use the built-in calendar, and create links to a specific email or thread.

Try it right now: Spark


Todoist is like a reminder app that helps you keep track of everything, anywhere. Even when you are offline. It also offers access to integrations with over 60 apps including Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT, and Slack.

Try it right now: T

Sleep as an Droid

Wunderlist is another app for managing to-do lists and tasks. This makes it easy to shoot, share and complete tasks, no matter what device you're using.

Try it now: Wunderlist

Social Networks


Facebook needs little to no introduction. It is probably the most popular social network in the world. Use it to connect with friends old and new. Or use it to view hidden ads and memes from annoying propagandists.

Try it right now: Facebook


Instagram, an app owned by Facebook, is a social network for sharing photos, videos, and stories. And have the most followers.

Try it right now: Instagram


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It helps you create an online resume, find a job, network, and more. It is also owned by Microsoft.

Try it right now: LinkedIn


This is a mecca for freelancers. Would you like to make a lip scrub? Check. Need ideas for a Halloween party? Check. You can explore over 100 billion pins for every part of your life and create mood boards to look back for inspiration.

Try it right now: Pinterest


Discover the hottest topics, breaking news, viral video clips, funny jokes and hot memes with the official Reddit app.

Try it right now: Reddit


Snapchat is similar to Instagram in that it has a stories feature, but is designed to send quick snaps to friends that are permanently deleted after being viewed, although the sender can always save them in their locker for later viewing.

Try it right now: Snapchat


The main feature of TikTok is that users can make videos of themselves lip-synching or acting out sketches. Their videos can be up to 15 seconds long, and they can choose from a library of songs, effects, and sound bites to add to their videos.

Try it right now: TikTok


Ah, the poisonous armpit of the internet. Want to know what the President of the United States is tweeting? How about Kim K or your favorite CNN anchor? It's all here, in real time, with virtually no filters. Bring on the alt-right trolls!

Try it right now: Twitter

Travel and transport


Forget hotels. They are expensive and the price is rigged. Instead, use Airbnb to find affordable vacation rentals or start making money as a host.

Try it right now: airbnb

Google Maps

Google Maps is the only mapping app you need. With over 220 countries and territories and hundreds of millions of companies and places on the map, you can get real-time GPS navigation, traffic and accurate transportation information.

Try it right now: Google maps


This app uses artificial intelligence to help you save money on your next flight or hotel trip. It can predict the future of airfare and hotel prices. Will they go up or down? Find your ride, then use the Watch feature to be notified as soon as prices drop.

Try it right now: Hopper


Need an elevator? Try Lyft for a ride. This is a taxi service or a carpool where anyone can be a driver, from a lawyer to a policeman trying to earn extra money.

Try it right now: Lyft


Uber is like Lyft. So, if you can't find a driver near you using Lyft, open up Uber and try it as an alternative.

Try it right now: Uber

trip advisor

If you're traveling, you'll need to use TripAdvisor to find reviews, photos, and destination maps. It has over 500 million reviews and opinions.

Try it right now: trip advisor


Waze, owned by Google, instantly informs you about traffic, construction, police, accidents and more thanks to its cool crowdsourcing technology.

Try it right now: Waze


Yelp lets you find local food, businesses, and services with over 135 million reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Try it right now: Yelp


Apple weather

With the Weather app, Apple's own app, you can check the weather by city name, zip or zip code, and airport code.

Try it right now: Apple weather

Carrot Weather

This app uses Dark Sky's ultra-accurate weather data but adds a touch of personality. Carrot's dialogue, characters, and scenery changes are a fun way to get current, hourly, and daily forecasts

Try it right now: Carrot Weather

Dark Sky

Speaking of Dark Sky, it claims to be "the most accurate source of hyper-local weather information," with accurate forecasts, beautiful weather animations, and real storm tracking.

Try it right now: Dark Sky

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