This 4TB PCIe SSD can make your Windows laptop feel more like a Macbook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro 16 still holds the bragging rights when it comes to the maximum capacity available in traditional portable laptops.

Apple uses its own approach, connecting memory chips to the motherboard to achieve as much as 8TB of storage, while only a handful of vendors even offer 4TB PCIe SSDs.

VNK recently joined Sabrent as the only second consumer vendor to offer a 4TB built-in PCIe M2.2280 SSD slot. The Aurora P12 VNK is $1,149.88 and the Sabrent offering, known as the Rocket, is available for just $849.99 from Amazon (approximately £690/AS$1335).

Why is it important? Well, because you can connect two Windows laptops to fit the Macbook Pro's 8TB capacity.

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There is only one laptop supplier worldwide (company), as far as we know, that bundles their laptops with those 4TB - and they're neither as cheap nor as portable as the Apple Slim and Slim Mobile Workstation.

Apple takes $6,099 at the very top of the range 16" MacBook Pro and, while Dell has unfortunately settled on a 2TB PCI interface built-in SSD with 64GB XPS 15 laptop.

As for the Sabrent rocket, it's the X4 model that comes bundled with Let, Toshiba's BICS3 Flash and Sabrent's own RKT303 controller. Its speed can reach up to 3450MB/s (read) and 3000MB/s (write).

Just be aware, this is Gen 3, not Gen 4 and SSD.

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