Smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories

Smartphones are considered the best solution for most people - while relatively small, their processors are often more powerful than those of laptops or netbooks! But still, there are drawbacks - smartphones consume a lot of energy, require frequent charging and the necessary protection from external influences. In this case, it is strongly recommended to buy special accessories.

The most necessary are batteries in the form of a Power bank, the capacitive values ​​of which reach all 20 mAh. In the conditions of outdoor recreation, these chargers will be the best solution - the smartphone battery quickly charges to the desired values. If we take into account that the Power bank has protection against short circuits, against overload and everything is closed with a strong and lightweight case, then the popularity of this device among most tourists becomes clear.

Sometimes modern smartphones do not have a headphone jack with a jack. And you have to buy quite expensive adapters. You can not buy this if you buy inexpensive wireless headphones that are charged from a special container, which in turn is recharged from a computer. The operating life of the cheapest wireless headphones is at least 2-3 hours, while higher-end versions can work all day on a single charge.

If the cost of wireless headphones turns out to be excessively high, it is better to take wired analogues, dividing into class A8 and A7. The former are made in a vacuum version, while the latter are made in a simple version, that is, they do not put pressure on the ear nerve and are considered safer in terms of use. If the headphones support a sensitivity of at least 103 dB, a frequency of about 20-20000 kHz, and the length of the twisted cable is at least 1.35 m, then we can consider the high quality of the proposed accessory.

Modern smartphones are often equipped with a powerful multi-core processor. As a result, the battery requires frequent recharging. In this case, you will need a special cable for your smartphone. If it has a microUSB port, a steel or plastic braid, supports a current of up to 2 A, then all this will indicate the high quality of the cord - the phone will be able to charge as quickly as possible and the battery will last a long time.

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