What is hanami: picnic under sakura or Japanese philosophy?

It's time to order the most delicious sushi in Odessa - khanami on the nose. The main Japanese holiday is rapidly approaching, which means it's time to plan a meal. How do you know that the hanami period has begun? Very simply - for the bewitching cherry blossoms.

What is hanami and what is it eaten with?

The Japanese are the most tireless nation, working tirelessly. But every year there comes a time when even the hardiest workaholics leave their offices and go to the park. This happens during the cherry blossom season.

Hanami is a national Japanese tradition of admiring flowers and a holiday named after it. It does not have a clear date. When khanami comes, nature itself decides. Since the climate of the island nation is very diverse, each Japanese city celebrates cherry blossoms at its own time. Residents are informed about this in advance on television and other media channels. Tourists can track information on special websites to order tickets on time.

Cherry blossoms do not last very long - only 7-10 days. In bad weather, the petals delight the eye for no more than a week. To catch the beautiful moments of nature, all the Japanese, as well as numerous tourists, fill the parks. Even strict office bosses hold meetings for employees in the fresh air these days.

Announcing khanami, the media reports the number of flowering trees in each city. In honor of the holiday, food courts, tents with toys and souvenirs begin to operate in the parks. Picnics go on all day, and often nights. In many parks, backlighting is installed so that you can enjoy the enchanting flowering even at night.

A picnic in honor of the khanami is not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also the enjoyment of a delicious meal. Under the shade of pale pink sakura, nature lovers enjoy their favorite sushi (with eel, salmon, caviar, etc.), onigiri rice cakes, mochi cakes, yakitori skewers and, of course, generous sushi boxes for a big company. Such a picnic can take a whole day, so there should be plenty of food.

history of the holiday

The tradition dates back to the XNUMXrd century AD. At the imperial court, the khans celebrated almost the same as today: they treated themselves to drinks and delicacies, had fun, had salon conversations and simply admired the incredible beauty of nature. Surely court gourmets also willingly enjoyed sushi and rolls, which you can order right now.

Initially, hanami was dedicated to the blossoming of the ume plum. The tree blossoms several months before the cherry blossoms. At the end of the XNUMXth century, Japan began to develop ideas of national identity. Therefore, the mountain plum, brought from China, gave way to sakura.

Japanese philosophy

Hanami occupies a special place in the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. The tradition of admiring flowers is a manifestation of a special national attitude to aesthetics. From time immemorial, sages have compared the beauty of blossoming sakura with the transience of life. Therefore, during the days of hanami, the Japanese try to enjoy life to the fullest. Let's follow their example.

Magic holiday in Japanese style

You may have already guessed that it's not even about sakura. Hanami primarily personifies the ability to enjoy the moments of life. Make yourself a holiday.

  1. Free up the chart.
  2. Surround yourself with the people you love.
  3. Order delicious food.

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