Choosing the right Wi-Fi router

Choosing the right Wi-Fi router

To organize wireless Internet in your own home or office, it is much more logical to use a modern and secure Wi-Fi router, which a priori guarantees high speed.

When selecting this equipment, it is important to look at the standard of work. Older models supported the 802.11 a / b standard, in which the speed turned out to be not so high - up to 54 MB / s, which is considered unacceptably low nowadays. It is better to add money and take a router operating on the 802.11 n standard, a priori guaranteeing one thing - speeds up to 150 MB / s will come to each dedicated antenna. But even models with one antenna are considered a good solution - they have good speed with the above standard and they can be sold at any time.

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The power ratings of these devices are also important. For rural regions, it is better to select high-power models - up to 1000 MW, a priori guaranteeing coverage up to hundreds of meters. In the latter case, several houses can be connected to a single router at once. The speed, of course, will be shared equally among everyone, but anyway - such an output will turn out to be cheap and practical, since you won’t have to run a copper cable to each house to connect to the Internet.

Most of this equipment operates at 2.4 GHz, which a priori guarantees high speed and good coverage. But often in the evening in conditions of dense urban development, this frequency may suddenly be busy. In this case, it is better to use models that support the 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) standard, which can significantly improve signal reception. If this does not help, then it is better to immediately select a router operating at 5 GHz, but you need to be mentally prepared for the fact that the range of the latter may not be so large. And you have to look for a place where the signal is better caught. Or use the wired method, since most routers have LAN ports, thanks to which you can connect a personal computer.

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In terms of security, routers also benefit greatly, as they are equipped with WPA 2 security, which runs on a reliable 128-bit algorithm. In the latter case, it is strongly recommended that after a test run, delete the factory logins and passwords and install your own, much more complex ones, which will prevent a hacker using a laptop on the street from hacking into your home network.

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