Types of Korean face creams

Types of Korean face creams

Recently, the demand for Korean skin care products has increased significantly. Korean face cream gives the skin an even, velvety tone, helps to eliminate fine wrinkles and other defects. The main thing is to give preference to the right product that will meet the necessary needs of the skin.

Korean face cream: advantages

Korean skin care cosmetics has a number of advantages, which consist of the following factors:

  • innovative formula;
  • completely safe composition;
  • the presence in the composition of unusual ingredients in the form of snail mucins, extracts of rare plants, sea water, etc .;
  • a wide range of products for any age category;
  • democratic price segment;
  • original and stylish packaging.


  1. Film-forming cream helps to create an artificial barrier on the skin with a strong occlusive effect that blocks the evaporation of moisture. Vaseline is a classic example. This type of Korean creams is created for professional use, while other types are intended for home use.
  2. Korean Nourishing Cream helps to add strength to intercellular lipids. The disadvantages of lipids include increased permeability of the skin, which leads to susceptibility and aggressive influence of external factors. The result can be reduced local immunity and increased inflammation. Thanks to lipid creams, it is possible to restore damaged layers of the epidermis and slow down the evaporation of moisture.
  3. Korean moisturizer helps to compensate for the lack of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). This factor is the basis for the proper level of skin hydration. Its action is similar to a sponge, which has the ability to absorb and bind moisture. The result of NUF deficiency is dehydrated skin.
  4. Moisturizing and nourishing cream is the most common type, contributes to the effect of nutrition and hydration. This type of cream is mainly used for young and problem-free skin types, as a daily care.

Before choosing the right cream, you need to consider your skin type, referring to the source of information: https://cosmetea.com.ua/. Thanks to the right product, you can moisturize and nourish the skin, as well as eliminate some imperfections in appearance.

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