TOP 10 Free Photo Editors

TOP 10 Free Photo Editors

Photographing is one of the best ways to capture and preserve moments of life in time. With the advent of the smartphone, almost everyone is taking pictures. Moreover, the majority takes photos in order to post photographic materials on social media accounts. Ideal photos are not always obtained, as a result of which there is a need to transform the photo. Photoshop is currently the best photo editor. However, not every photographer has the desire or ability to install the program.

You don't need the cumbersome professional photo editor Adobe Photoshop to fix colors or crop photos, fix blemishes, etc. The functionality of free programs is quite enough. Depending on the wishes and the required level of editing, you can use:

  • desktop software for complex editing;
  • online photo editors, the functionality of which provides the ability to export photos to social networks.

If you are interested in free photo editors, check out our TOP 10 best free programs.



If you're in need of advanced image editing, the best photo editor is available for many GIMP operating systems. From the point of view of many photographers, GIMP is superior to Photoshop in some aspects, in particular, in terms of simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface. The functionality of the graphic editor allows you to successfully develop animation videos, design programs, process images, design printed products, etc. The set of smart editing tools is constantly updated. Tools can be used to eliminate imperfections by healing and cloning, applying perspective changes. Photo enthusiasts can enjoy a collection of plug-ins by downloading them from the official glossary. You can install Photoshop plugins if necessary. This professional photo editor is easy to use.


PhotoFiltre is a universal editor for Windows OS. The editor's user interface is very similar to that of Photoshop. The functionality of the graphic editor provides the possibility of successful photo transformation for novice photographers and advanced users. Some experts define the editor as an excellent alternative to Photoshop, even if it has reduced functionality. One of the advantages of the photo editor is the ability to connect additional plugins with a lack of filters for high-quality photo processing. You can find plugins on the developer's website. The advantages of the photo editor are many color corrections and options.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 is the best photo editor on PC with excellent manual controls, user-friendly and intuitive interface. The functionality of the photo editor includes automatic one-click optimization tools. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is ideal when you need to quickly edit many photos. Quickly and efficiently, you can perform manual exposure and color correction, select a photo to enhance at the touch of a button, and easily import images. For advanced editing, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 is recommended, a premium version of the software with advanced optimization tools.


AVIARY is a good photo editor for Android vehicles. The functionality of the graphic photo editor provides the ability to import photos from sites such as Facebook and photo hosting. AVIARY offers 4 applications with different functionality:

  • Phoenix, which is a simplified version of Photoshop, is suitable for preparing a photo for a social network. The functionality of the application allows you to insert text, use tone correction, etc.;
  • Raven is a vector editor with a set of tools for creating line art, drawings and diagrams;
  • Peacock was defined by the developers as a visual laboratory;
  • Toucan is equipped with tools for design development, site color selection, etc.
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Among the advantages, it is worth noting a lot of filters and convenient keys.


If there is a need to professionally edit photos and templates in the browser, then one of the best options is the free Canva photo editor. It works on Windows and Linux platforms in the browser and as a mobile application on Android, iPadOS, iOS platforms. The photo editor has a paid and free level. And for home users, the free level is ideal. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the availability of free cloud storage, and the disadvantage is the lack of good tools for editing manually. With Canvas Photo Editor, you can turn your favorite photos into social media posts, invitations, posters, postcards.

In order to start working with the photo editor, just register with your email address. After registration, the user receives 1 GB of cloud storage for free, as well as 8000 templates and 2 folders for work. There are no smart tools in the free version, but there are handy slider brushes for sharpening, using hues, changing contrast and saturation, and adjusting brightness. The interface of the "Canva" photo editor is simple and convenient, there are various backgrounds and graphics for the implementation of projects.


Fotor photo editor is suitable for quickly enlarging photos. It comes with premium filters and batch processing. You can upload many photos, and the popular photo editor Photor will process them in batches, saving you time and effort. The functionality of the photo editor allows you to export photos in high resolution. The smart menu system "Photor" provides access to tools for changing the angle, as well as to many settings.


If you need a simple photo editor, it is recommended to pay attention to Photoscape, whose interface is extremely simple and understandable. Even a preschooler can cope with a photo editor. The interface is very unusual, as is the functionality, in which you can find the following functions:

  • splitting and merging photos;
  • rough transformation;
  • creating animated GIF files;
  • printing on lined paper.

A large selection of advanced filters allows you to quickly sharpen, straighten or filter your shots. It should also be noted the presence of the function of converting raw files. The simplicity and comfort of Photoscape has made the program popular among the fair sex, who actively maintain accounts in social networks, since the presence of all kinds of filters, frames and decor allows you to create interesting postcards and collages.

Photoscape photo editor takes up minimal hard drive space and is easy to use. It has a batch processing feature.

Photo Pos Pro

The interface of the free photo editor Photo Pos Pro optimally combines logic and consistency, ease of use. A free popular editor running on the Windows platform has two modes: beginner and advanced. The photo editor is equipped with modern tools to improve image quality. Moreover, the user can select the mode depending on the purpose of the work, experience, etc. The beginner mode with the 'beginner' layout is extremely simple, while the 'expert' advanced layout offers tools for manually adjusting levels and curves for advanced editing and more. Filters can be accessed through the main menu in one click. The disadvantage is that the free version can export a maximum of 1024x1024 pixels, although these indicators are quite enough for publishing images on the Internet.

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Universal Paint.NET attracts with its reliability, simplicity and speed of operations. You can’t call a photo editor a professional tool, but its capabilities and functionality are more than enough for domestic use, in particular, by novice users. A quality free application has a powerful community. If necessary, you can download many additional filters and options on the specialized forums. Among the main advantages of the Paint.NET photo editor, it should be noted:

  • availability of a basic set of high-quality correction tools;
  • the presence of a layer-by-layer processing function with the ability to roll back changes;
  • the presence of an integrated wizard for working with a printer, camera, scanner;
  • partial support for vector graphics;
  • simplicity and not congestion of the interface.

The toolbar is fully functional. Developers are constantly adding advanced editing tools. Among the existing tools, there are plugins created by the community, a XNUMXD rotation and scaling function, undo history, layers, etc.


The category of the most popular photo editors can rightly be attributed to the most convenient for users of social networks free photo editor PiZap. Using the application, you can quickly and comfortably prepare photos for display on social networks.

Among the advantages of "PiZap" it should be noted:

  • the ability to get stock images;
  • templates for social networks.

The photo editor works on all platforms. It is available in Flash and HTML5 versions, which allows owners of any device to use the program. Photo enthusiasts can use photos from the hard drive, stock photo directory, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Photos, Facebook. When selecting photos, you must take into account copyright in case of using images from Google Images.

The editing interface of PiZap's simple and easy-to-use photo editor with a modern design provides the ability to use sliders for quick adjustments. Using sliders is much easier and more comfortable than using drop-down menus and various icons.

After finishing work, you can export your creations to any major social network, to Google Drive, Dropbox, or your own PiZap server. The photo editor also provides the ability to save edited photos to your hard drive, get an embed code, or send photos by e-mail. Exporting photos in high quality is possible subject to payment, but uploading photos to social networks is free and not of perfect quality.

Criteria for choosing a free photo editor

This rating presents the coolest photo editors for working on the Windows platform in the browser and for using online.

The choice of a photo editor in a particular case depends on many factors, the main ones being:

  • the purpose of using the photo editor;
  • device characteristics;
  • planned photo changes;
  • the number of photos that need to be improved or changed in a short time;
  • the time for which it is necessary to correct the photo (the speed of the changes);
  • the need to import, export photos;
  • the level of complexity of the interface and the photo editor as a whole;
  • the number of filters required for operation;
  • ease of use of the photo editor.

The ranking lists the best photo editors and the best photo editors for Windows with an optimal set of online tools. Among the browser-based photo editors, Pixlr X should also be noted, the undoubted advantage of which is the ability to obtain results quickly, and the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, which is a stripped-down browser version of the most popular photo editor in the world, Photoshop, is a convenient, if necessary, correction of exposure and lighting.

Best free photo editors:

  • GIMP
  • PhotoFiltre
  • Ashampoo Photo Optimizer
  • Canva
  • Photor
  • Photoscape
  • Photo Pos Pro
  • Paint.NET
  • PiZap
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