Best Windows Programs: Which Option to Choose

Best Windows Programs: Which Option to Choose

One of the conditions for successful and productive work with a computer, regardless of the type of device (PC, laptop, netbook), is the use of high-quality and functional software. This review presents the best free PC programs from well-known software developers.

You can download the best programs for a PC, as well as the best programs for a laptop, on specialized sites or on projects of software developers at any convenient time and an unlimited number of times. Programs offered free of charge will provide the ability to perform various tasks and implement projects of varying complexity at the same high level as paid software.

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The best programs for Windows

Google Chrome.
  • Google Chrome. The most popular free PC program is currently the Google Chrome browser, which supports many extensions that complement and improve the functionality of the browser. The Google Chrome browser is classified as cross-platform. It provides synchronization of user data with mobile devices. The rapid introduction of innovations by browser developers and active support of modern technologies with ease and comfort of use partly explain the popularity of this program.
  • In the category of the best free software for the office, the leading place is reasonably occupied by the office suite. LibreOfficeoffered by the developers in Russian. You can use the software for private or commercial purposes, depending on your needs. LibreOffice has functionality that allows you to perform any action related to work in the office or with documents: working with databases, spreadsheets, text documents, presentations. Office software allows you to work with Microsoft Office documents, including saving them.
  • Downloading large programs, videos and large files requires the use of special software, the functionality of which determines the speed and quality of the download. In the category of programs for Windows for downloading, the program shows the best results uTorrent. It combines high download speeds for files of any size and a wealth of features that provide comfortable download customization. Embedded advertising, taking into account the quality of the software, does not create problems.
  • VLC. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player cannot handle some videos. A good solution in this case is the VLC player, which combines simplicity and power. The VLC cross-platform media combiner provides the ability to play a huge number of multimedia formats, including video broadcasts and DVDs.
Windows Movie Maker
  • WindowsMovieMaker. Not all PC programs belonging to the category of video editors are easy and comfortable to use, which are necessary for novice users. Users who want to create their own movie on a computer based on their own footage will undoubtedly like Windows Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker. A simple user-friendly interface, extensive functionality and ease of use speak in favor of this PC program.
  • In the category of programs for Windows for listening to music, one of the best is a functional player MusicBeecombining speed and aesthetics. The functionality of the player provides the ability to play web radio and podcasts, import tracks from iTunes, synchronize playlists with Android. Plugins for new functions, an equalizer, a media library, and replaceable skins are available to users.
  • Users looking for programs for a computer, the functionality of which provides the ability to make free video calls, is recommended to pay attention to the most popular program Skype or Whatsapp. In most cases, versions of the Windows OS include an integrated Skype. If Skype is not preinstalled in the operating system version, you can always download the PC program for free from the Microsoft website.
  • Paint.NET. Graphic editors are in demand not only by designers and photographers, but also by ordinary users. Beginning photographers will surely enjoy the Paint.NET graphics editor, which is powerful enough to crop and resize images, edit image tints, or mark up. Among the advantages of the program - simplicity and intuitiveness of the interface, ease of settings.
  • Google Drive. The use of a cloud drive greatly expands the possibilities for users when working with documents. The best service at present can be called Google Drive, which combines ease of use, the ability to integrate with various Google office services. Google Drive also offers 15 GB of cloud storage for documents and files.
  • Puran File Recovery. The need for high-quality data recovery software is experienced by every PC user. Most free programs provide the ability to perform simple actions. In particular, such programs cannot qualitatively format from one system to another. The best free program in Russian that provides high-quality data recovery is Puran File Recovery. It demonstrates recovery results better than some paid counterparts.
  • 7-Zip. Some archived documents can be opened only if special programs are used. The best free archiver that combines convenience and functionality is 7-Zip, the functionality of which provides the ability to work with any of the common types of archives. The functionality of the fast-running utility allows you to easily unpack zip and rar archives, create any file archives on your PC, and provide comfortable viewing.
  • Fox Reader. You can use any modern browser to open PDF files to view the information. However, in some cases there is a need to edit the document, add comments and notes, convert to another format. Combining functionality, ease of use and high speed, Foxit Reader provides you with the ability to perform all the necessary actions at a high level of quality.
  • The accumulation of garbage in the PC system as it is used leads to braking in the operation of the device and the appearance of errors. Universal utility CCleaner combines simplicity and efficiency, provides high-quality cleaning of the OS. Among the advantages of the system, it should be noted the ability to work in semi-automatic mode, the absence of the need for a long setup. Even a novice user can use the utility to clean the cache, temporary files, registry, remove programs and unnecessary applications. The constant updating of the utility provided users with access to tools for analyzing the contents of disks, viewing and removing plug-ins and extensions. After the release of Windows 10, the functionality of the utility expanded due to the appearance of a tool for removing pre-installed standard applications.
  • Aomei Partition Assistant. Working with a hard drive is one of the most complex procedures available to ordinary users. The free Aomei Partition Assistant program has functionality that allows you to quickly and efficiently work with your hard drive. The functionality of the software provides the ability to convert a disk, clone HDD and SSD, restore a boot record, change the partition structure, etc.
  • lux. The f.lux utility is the best program to reduce eye strain. After installing f.lux, the utility will reduce the intensity of the blue color that suppresses the production of the sleep hormone, and will ensure that you can maintain the correct mode.
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All presented programs for computers and laptops are currently in rather high demand.

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