Top 10 best gaming monitors on the market today

Top 10 best gaming monitors on the market today

Every gamer dreams of fully enjoying the gameplay, completely immersing himself in a parallel reality. Today, this is possible thanks to special configurations of hardware and accessories. Their integral component is the monitor. Today, there are a huge number of solutions on the market of different cost, size, refresh rate, etc. Having studied the TOP 10 best models, you can easily choose the perfect option for yourself.

TOP 10 best gaming monitors

Modern good gaming monitors are offered by all leading manufacturers. Models of 22 inches are recognized as optimal in size. But this is an amateur. Many gamers prefer bigger screens. It should be borne in mind that the larger the diagonal, the higher the cost.

Acer KG221Qbmix

If you are looking for a great but relatively inexpensive monitor, this model will be ideal. Here, a frame rate of 75 Hz is provided. The dynamic contrast ratio is 100:000. Thanks to this, the picture is juicy, very detailed. The monitor has built-in acoustics with two speakers and is characterized by the absence of flicker. Its benefits include:

  • stylish design;
  • high-speed performance;
  • decent parameters of the viewing angle, brightness, contrast.

MSI Optix G24C

This monitor has an MF matrix. Its resolution corresponds to Full HD. The screen is covered with a glossy anti-reflective coating. Users note the excellent color reproduction of black and white, a wide viewing angle. In dynamic scenes, high contrast is maintained. The matrix of this model is curved under a radius of 1800R, which guarantees complete immersion in the game. The manufacturer has implemented modern technologies, including Flicker-Free, Less Blue Light and AMD FreeSync. In the 24-inch line, this is the best gaming monitor:

  • with high-quality color reproduction;
  • classic design;
  • fast response and prompt update;
  • viewing angle of 178 degrees.
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Acer Nitro VG270UPbmiipx

This 27-inch model should definitely be included in the review of gaming monitors. It is equipped with an IPS matrix with a resolution of QHD-quality. Semi-matte matrix, great color depth, lack of graininess, presence of built-in speakers are the main advantages of the solution. There are also innovative technologies Flicker-Free, Less Blue Light, AMD FreeSync.

The display differs from the previous versions in almost frameless design. The total power of its speakers is 4 watts. The developers have provided a sufficient number of connectors.

Samsung C27HG70QQI

The brand produces the coolest monitors for gamers. This variant has a curved screen. It combines all the important advantages - brightness, speed, wide viewing angles, contrast. The refresh rate is up to 144Hz. The unique quantum dot technology guarantees natural color rendering.

Additional advantages of the monitor are ergonomics, a comfortable stand, the presence of the required number of connectors for charging and connecting gadgets.


This model is included in the top 10 gaming monitors due to its impeccable image quality. It has a color depth of 10 bits. Viewing angles are 178 degrees. The response takes only 4 milliseconds. The frame rate is similar to the previous model.

The manufacturer focused on convenience, ergonomics, flexibility of image settings, popular gaming options (timer, illumination, stabilizing sight).

LG 29UM69G

LG 29UM69G

The company produces good gaming monitors, including widescreen ones. The presented version has a resolution of 2560x1080 pixels. It supports modern technologies that protect against flicker and glare. The frequency is 75 Hz. There are built-in acoustics for two speakers, each of which produces 5 watts. The solution is attractive at an affordable price.


By far the best monitors for gaming are ROG. The model has an award for innovation. The screen with a 34-inch diagonal has a resolution of 3440x1440 pixels. The refresh rate is 100 Hz. The manufacturer has taken care of the safety of users by introducing vision protection technology. The features of this monitor include the presence of backlighting, the absence of frames, noiselessness, the presence of acoustics and gaming functionality.

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This is a good gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate. It has a response time of just 1ms. The gamer can enjoy a high-quality picture without blur, loops and other defects. Full-matrix is ​​characterized by a high brightness of 400 cd / m2. FreeSync, Low Blue Light, Shadow Control technologies are implemented, a large number of ports are built in.

LG 27GK750F

The diagonal of the matrix here is 27 inches. The model is included in the rating of gaming monitors due to the optimal combination of price and quality. The screen is easily synchronized with video cards, graphics processors, and has a lot of gaming functions. There is no gaming acoustics, which somewhat reduces the cost of the monitor.

Samsung C49RG90SSI

If you are interested in the most expensive gaming monitor, this ultra-wide display will be one of the most interesting solutions. It has a VA, QHD matrix. The refresh rate reaches 120 Hz. The monitor allows you to create your own profiles, quickly switch between them.

To choose the best gaming monitor, you need to consider your own needs. It is advisable to read user reviews in advance, focus not on cost, but on technical and operational characteristics.

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