The best modern navigators for cars: rating of 2020

Despite the emergence of multifunctional gadgets, car navigators remain relevant. They provide serious support to car owners: they pave a short way, signal traffic jams, and help navigate new places. To use this device was simple, convenient, you need to choose the right one. Experts have compiled a rating of car gps navigators recognized as the best in 2020.

What details to pay attention to

Any navigator works on the basis of telemetry data broadcast by satellites. This allows you to determine the location of the car, the speed of movement, lay routes on maps. To choose the best instance, two main parameters must be taken into account - the type of satellite system, the number of channels.

Modern best autonavigators are based on three systems:

  1. GPS. The chip receives information from American satellites.
  2. GPS/GLONASS. The system is based simultaneously on the telemetry of Russian and American satellites.
  3. Galileo. Latest European development. The creators predict its globalization in the coming years.

Important!  The number of channels can vary over a wide range. It is worth buying a navigator that can communicate with at least 4-9 satellites.

An additional selection criterion is the base of maps. It depends on the geography of travel. For the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, a solution from Navitel is suitable. In the EU, IGO cartography has proven to be excellent. The type of operating system is also important. You can buy a navigator based on Windows or Android. The second option has a simpler interface and is faster.

Attention!  Many modern navigators assume the presence of auxiliary options. It is important to assess their real need. Each additional feature increases the cost.

The best budget navigators

Those who are looking for a good cheap navigator should pay attention to the Globex GE711. Recommended by 89% of users. The model has a 7-inch screen. The amount of memory is 256 MB. Thanks to the advanced ARM A7 chipset, the device is fast enough. Low power consumption keeps it running for up to two hours.

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It is worth including the Prology iMap-5800 budget navigators in the review. This is an interesting compact version, recommended by 88% of owners. The display of the gadget is 5 inches. It has a good color reproduction, excellent readability. It has an integrated MStar 800 MHz chip, and the RAM size is 128 MB. The device operates on the basis of the Windows platform and Nativel cards. Built-in memory 4 GB. Battery life does not exceed one and a half hours.

Which navigator to choose on the Android platform

Lesko Pioneer DVR700PI Max is undoubtedly included in the rating of gps navigators for a car on the Android system. Its configuration includes a processor with 4 cores MTK8321. The RAM is 1 GB and the built-in memory is 16 GB. The main advantages include the presence of a slot for two cards and a Wi-Fi module. This navigator is equipped with a rear camera that does an excellent job with auto-registration options. It is suitable for both the Russian Federation and Europe thanks to functional software.

Ideal choice for international travel

By right, the highest quality navigator in this category is Navitel T700 3G. The hybrid model is made in the tablet PC form factor. It is equipped with a high-quality IPS-matrix. The screen size is standard 7 inches. Like the previous version, this accessory runs on Android with the same chip and memory parameters. The storage can be expanded up to 128 GB.

Plus modification is to support all modern wireless technologies - from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi and GSM. The device supports two SIM cards. The software covers 47 countries. The owner can safely use third-party applications without fear of lags. Another advantage of this navigator is a capacious 2800 mAh battery.

Which navigator to choose based on Windows

Dunobil Ultra navigator is the best choice with Windows OS. This is a compact device with a decent picture. Screen size 5 inches. The main advantage of the model is the absence of unnecessary functionality that increases the cost. The device works stably with a frequency of 800 MHz. The size of the OP is 128 MB, it is allowed to use a flash card up to 32 GB.

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The navigator has a built-in shell with maps, perfectly copes with laying routes, and warns of traffic jams. The only additional features are MP3, video player, FM transmitter.

The most reliable navigator for long journeys

Fans of long trips often think about which navigators are good in terms of autonomy. Lexand SA5 HD + can be called the leader. Small screen, Windows OS, Navitel - decent features, combined with a budget price. Users note a quick start, sixth processing. The main advantage is the 110 mAh battery.

Best Garming Models

The Swiss brand offers several successful solutions at once. Advanced and best autonavigator* Garmin DriveSmart 51 RUS LMT. Its rating is 4,9 out of 5 stars. The model is famous for its extensive functionality. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are built into it, maps of the Russian Federation are entered into the database. The gadget works great in conjunction with the rear camera. It supports voice commands and promptly warns of difficult sections: sharp turns, one-way roads, etc.

There are solutions in the manufacturer's line not only for cars, but also for motorcycles. A great example is the Garmin Zumo 396 LMT. It has a compact 4,3-inch display, an Adventurous Routing option for laying routes off busy tracks.

According to this review, the best brands of navigators are Navitel, Lexand, Garmin, Dunobil. The list of the best includes only some of the existing models. In a specialized online store, you can get acquainted with other devices that have remarkable characteristics.

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