Rowenta VU2110F2 table fan: compact assistant, safe and stylish design

Rowenta VU2110F2 table fan: compact assistant, safe and stylish design

Small desktop device. Compact fans suitable for indoor operation, evenly blow small areas. Indispensable on hot summer days, it can simultaneously work for 2-4 jobs. Equipped with a protective mesh that protects against accidental touches and debris.

Technical Overview

The need to buy a fan appears closer to the summer. It is intended for rooms with an area of ​​\u20b\uXNUMXbno more than XNUMX m2. The ventilated area must be closed for the appliance to perform its task effectively.

Three blades with a diameter of 25 cm on the axial mechanism are hidden under a metal mesh. A powerful air flow is felt immediately after turning on the device, cooling occurs in a matter of minutes. The compact fan fits easily on a desktop, window sill or shelf.

The VU2110F2 is equipped with an integrated handle on the back of the case. With it, the device can be moved in any direction. The weight of the structure is 2 kg, you can take it with you on trips, to the country, to work.

The color is standard black, the blades are blue, suitable for business and home environments, does not attract attention, looks stylish.

Two control speeds allow you to change the blowing power depending on the atmosphere inside the room. The model of the fan is regulated on height and on an inclination of the top part.


Rowenta table fans have several advantages:

  • compact size, light weight, the ability to move to any desired location;
  • there is no need for complex installation, the device works from the network, it is enough to have a socket nearby;
  • compared to other types of fans, this model is available to everyone, the budget cost is due to its modest size and lack of additional functions;
  • can be stored and transported without restrictions, takes up little space.
  • the platform for installation is flat, stable, heavier than the rest of the body. The model does not fall during operation;
  • enough power for individual use, the noise level is low and does not cause discomfort;
  • laconic design does not irritate the eyes, suitable for the working environment, does not distract;
  • the power cord is sufficient for safe use at table height, an extension cord is used if necessary.
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Thanks to the blades of small diameter, soft airflow and silent operation are achieved. Protective mesh will not injure children or animals. The device is easy to assemble, does not smell of plastic, a convenient switch button helps to establish a comfortable blowing mode. The air is evenly distributed throughout the room, circulation is accelerated, the flow direction is horizontal, the working area increases when turning, tilting. The axial mechanism can be easily disassembled and repaired.

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