Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX2540 M4 - Innovative Dual Socket Server

Fujitsu is a manufacturer of innovative IT equipment. She has been producing it since 1935. Every year, new models of devices enter the market, which are responsible for the efficiency and reliability of all work processes, the security of data transmission and storage. One of the modern developments of the company is a two-processor rack server primergy rx2530 m4. This is a completely new device that is designed for use in various fields. It is great for organizing and executing business processes. The equipment will help optimize the IT infrastructure of the organization in order to increase the efficiency of users.

Innovative Features

The server platform from Fujitsu helps to distribute computing power according to set priorities. The device can be used in remote offices or branches of the organization. It is produced in a rack format. The RX2540 M4 is a high performance server that belongs to the Intel Xeon Scalable processor family.

The server has a technology that makes it possible to significantly speed up the speed of data exchange between processors. It's called Intel UltraPath Interconnect. Thanks to the presence of two processors, the device has expandable RAM, which can be increased up to 3 TB. The benefits of the new server model include the following:

  • increased frequency of work;
  • high capacity of the equipment;
  • the ability to increase the number of connected hard drives;
  • efficiency of all computing processes;
  • use of large-scale virtualization.


The device has a small size and impact-resistant housing. It is reliably protected from moisture penetration, vibrations and external force influences. A high-quality cooling system is mounted inside the device. The hardware supports PCIe devices, HDDs and 2,5" SSDs. Thanks to this, the devices allow you to solve the following tasks:

  • systematization and storage of information;
  • any calculations with increased resource intensity;
  • database processing;
  • horizontal scaling.

The server platform is equipped with the ability to activate 28 cores. They use DDR4 RAM. At the same time, the operating speed reaches a frequency of 2,66 Hz. This type of device is energy efficient. Thanks to this, his service is forgiven.

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