The nuances of a turbine overhaul

The nuances of a turbine overhaul

Diesel or gasoline vehicles with turbochargers, just like conventional models, can malfunction due to problems with the turbine system. Often, other factors that have nothing to do with this unit, but provoke problems in its operation, also lead to incorrect behavior of the car. For example, it often turns out after disassembly that a foreign solid object that unexpectedly appeared inside the part was to blame.

Restoration of turbines in Kiev and other cities should only be carried out by professionals. The fact is that this procedure always begins with the disassembly of the unit. If at this stage something is broken in the design, then it will be even worse, and it will not be possible to effectively eliminate the problem. Therefore, the most important requirement is to contact only qualified auto repairmen. Handicraft repairs in a garage workshop may be cheaper, but unpleasant consequences will have to be eliminated at double or triple the cost.

How much does a professional turbine repair cost?

The first point is that difficulties with restoration can arise even during disassembly, due to souring or coking of many parts. Individual turbines are glued during installation, therefore problems may arise when detaching them. After disassembly, assembly is necessary - this requires new components. Parts for turbines are not sold separately. In the markets and on the Internet they offer only Chinese-made products, and their quality leaves much to be desired.

For high-quality reconstruction, a large amount of modern equipment is required, which only professional auto repair shops have. For example, to eliminate a high imbalance, you need a balancing stand. If balancing is done incorrectly, all previous work will not give any result. Therefore, turbine refurbishment is usually a lengthy, complex and almost always expensive process.

How to properly repair a turbine

The cause of the breakdown becomes clear in the process of disassembling the unit. When disconnected, all individual parts are checked for premature wear, overheating, presence of foreign objects, contamination. An experienced specialist in external signs will easily and simply understand what went wrong and why the unit failed.

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Of course, this is only possible with professional intervention. More about injector repair:

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