The best portable speakers: how to make the best choice

The best portable speakers: how to make the best choice

Portable audio equipment for listening to music called "column" does not lose its popularity. In this article, we will look at the best products in different price categories, as well as new portable speakers. We give a description of each model. So, if you have been thinking about which speaker to buy, look for the answer to the question below.

Let's start with expensive models - over a hundred dollars apiece. For these portable speakers, the rating looks like this:

  • Marshall Kilburn II;
  • JBL Xtreme 2;
  • Sony SRS-XB41;
  • Bose SoundLink Mini II
  • JBL Pulse 3.

The first Marshall Kilburn II model on the list is the best portable speaker in all respects. I mean the combination of price and quality. The equipment can work autonomously for about 20 hours.

JBL Xtreme 2 costs an order of magnitude less than the acoustics-favorite, has a decent quality. From this price segment, this is a fairly inexpensive model. Its main advantages are good power and volume.

Sony SRS-XB41 received bronze in the TOP - a bluetooth speaker in a bright design. Now one of the most popular speakers is the acoustics of the Sony brand, but this modification is especially successful. It is compatible not only with gadgets, smartphones, but also with TV equipment.

In fourth place is the Bose SoundLink Mini II. This option costs almost the same as the previous model – just under $200. Designed for laptops or PCs. The last of the expensive models is the JBL Pulse 3. However, compared to the rest of the equipment, it costs the least, despite the fact that its quality is good. Bluetooth technology is used, there is a backlight.

Now we will tell you what portable speaker systems are at a price of up to a hundred dollars. So, we present to the attention of readers the top inexpensive portable speakers in this price category: The first place is occupied by a modification of the JBL Flip 4 technology. Here, excellent sound quality, relatively low cost. It is for the optimal balance of price and quality that this model is recognized as the best column in the rating.

The second place was taken again by the Sony column. The model is called Sony SRS-XB31, has a backlight, bluetooth technology. In addition to an attractive and original design, the equipment has a lot of interesting options, and LDAC connection is also supported.

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The third column in the top is a device of decent dimensions and a fair amount of power called JBL Charge 4. The acoustic device has the option of charging USB devices.

The fourth place is occupied by excellent quality GZ electronics LoftSound GZ-88. The equipment is equipped with a microphone, made in the original design concept. In last, fifth place is a portable device for listening to music called the Bose SoundLink Micro. The positive qualities of the model are a high degree of protection against moisture, good volume.

Further in the ranking, we present the top budget portable speakers, the price of which does not exceed fifty dollars. Since our country is not yet in the best economic situation, it would be advisable to consider not five, but 10 of the best portable speakers in the inexpensive segment. Most people can't afford the best portable speakers for $100-$200 and up just yet. Therefore, we have provided an extended list of good and budget products that cost up to $50. Read on for the top inexpensive portable speakers.

We recognized the compact and convenient bluetooth speaker as the favorite, which takes the honorable first place. JBL GO 2. For a relatively low price, it offers quite optimal sound quality. In other respects, the product is also excellent. If you're looking for the best portable speakers at a low price, consider this one.

Silver in the competition received a portable station wagon Defender G100. This is an oversized model. It is equally well compatible with PC and TV equipment. Third place rightfully won Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2. The product is inexpensive but good quality. Minimalistic body design, but quite pleasing to the eye. Suitable for everyday use, such as turning on music as a background.

In fourth place is Perfeo Hip Hop. The product is made in a bright colorful design. The price here is budget, and the power is high. There are different ways to play audio files: from microSD, USB flash drive, audio cable and bluetooth. The column has a youth-style design, so teenagers and young people will like it. The product is lightweight, compact and comes with a carrying strap. Among the advantages of things distinguish evenness of sound at a fairly low cost.

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Ranked fifth JBL CLIP 3. The qualities of this device: compactness, wireless device, high-quality sound, there is a carabiner, moisture protection level IPX7. This is the most popular portable speaker under $40. The product has good volume. This is a good option for outdoor recreation or cottage.

The sixth place in the TOP is Defender Enjoy S1000. Advantages of the goods: low price, compact size, there is a backlight. The device is comfortable and easy to control using the buttons on the case. The design is attractive, the product is made with high quality parts.

Seventh place - Sony SRS-XB12. Here there is a large capacity of the device with extremely compact dimensions. The technique is suitable for trips, travel, outdoor leisure and for a laptop. There is dust and moisture protection.

In eighth place Perfeo Owl. This column has the lowest price among all models in the ranking. Support for playback from different media. Good volume, compact dimensions.

ninth place CaseGuru CGBox. The column is intended for telephone sets. The peculiarity of the modification is that you can combine 2 products into a stereo pair. Good for computers. The sound is of high quality and purity.

The tenth place is rightfully occupied by the model Perfeo Force. It has a low cost, there are many different options. There is a microphone, high-level assembly. Various connection options. The control of the device is comfortable.

We hope that after reading the article, you have decided for yourself which are the coolest speakers on the market right now. To compile the ratings, only reliable products from trusted brands were selected. Manufacturers are responsible for the quality of these products. All presented goods are certified, have high quality standards.

Best portable speakers:

  1. JBL GO 2
  2. Defender G100
  3. Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2
  4. Perfeo Hip Hop
  5. JBL CLIP 3
  6. Defender Enjoy S1000
  7. Sony SRS-XB12
  8. Perfeo Owl
  9. CaseGuru CGBox
  10. Perfeo Force
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