The main features of different types of hairdressing chairs

Modern equipment for hairdressing salons is very functional and diverse. This statement especially applies to chairs, which are produced in a very wide range and can ensure the comfortable operation of any beauty establishment. But at the same time, it is now much more difficult to choose and buy the right model. You have to think a lot about which option is suitable for a particular situation. It is often advisable to purchase several at once.

Hairdressing chair - a must-have item even in a small salon. The comfort of the client depends on it. There is no single answer to the question of which type is better, because all existing options have their advantages and disadvantages. The main thing to remember is that savings are not of great importance in an institution that wants to attract more customers, and accordingly, buy the right equipment for its institution.

What are modern hairdressing chairs

These products are classified into types according to several criteria. Depending on the design features, they are divided into screw, pneumatic and hydraulic. The screw ones have wheels and five-arms made of metal, hidden in plastic casings. They are very easy to move from place to place, rotate around their axis and are easily adjustable in height.

Pneumatic models are smart devices. They independently rise and fall, depending on whether the client is sitting or already up. Convenient regulation provides a lever, which is located on one of the legs. Thus, in a pneumatic chair, the height changes with one simple press of the foot. There are two five-arms - metal and with a chrome-plated pneumocartridge.

Hydraulic models are also convenient and functional, but their purchase is more expensive. A feature of such chairs is a hydraulic lift, which allows you to raise or, if necessary, lower the structure, doing it very smoothly and slowly.

When choosing a chair, you need to take into account the features of the services provided. For example, models are standard and visage. The former usually have low backs for the convenience of the master, and the armrests in them are adjustable. The latter, on the contrary, have sufficiently high backs, are equipped with a footrest and a retractable headrest.

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