TOP 10 SUVs of 2024

TOP 10 SUVs of 2020

The popularity of SUVs is constantly increasing due to the optimal combination of cross-country ability, reliability and spaciousness of universal vehicles. SUVs can rightfully be called universal vehicles suitable for a long tourist trip with the whole family, for weekend shopping, for a trip to a picnic, cottage, fishing and hunting. A stylish SUV looks expensive, respectable, solid and a bit brutal, which is why many motorists call cars of this type fashionable.

SUVs of various power, configuration and cost are produced by almost all the world's leading automakers. It is quite difficult to name the best SUV, because each car enthusiast has his own preferences and priorities. However, you can list the most interesting and popular models. Let's take a look at the best SUVs in 2020.

1.Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 consistently leads the ranking of the best SUVs in terms of price and quality due to the optimal combination of consumer and technical characteristics. The SUV is suitable for driving on city streets and off-road. Luxurious, durable and safe four-wheel drive car has a frame structure. It is equipped with modern electronic assistance systems. The SUV is suitable for drivers who prefer to feel confident in any situation.

2 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco features good cross-country ability, high seating position, geometric body design. The frame of a comfortable and high-quality car is reinforced, which guarantees safety for the driver and passengers. Diesel engine 2-liter capacity of 215 hp An ideal option for connoisseurs of reliable, hardy and undemanding classics. The SUV looks powerful, brutally reliable and respectable at the same time. The car is ideal for active life supporters who prefer to be fully armed everywhere.

3. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The futuristic design of the car emphasizes the impressive size of the SUV, focused on the trophy sprint and off-road in the toughest version. The all-wheel drive car will be equipped in a simple configuration with a three-liter V6 diesel engine with a capacity of 275 hp, in more expensive modifications - a four-liter V8. The SUV looks unusual and impressive, attracts the attention of others, easily overcomes obstacles. An excellent choice for those who like to be seen and enjoy freedom.

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4 Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler has been at the top of the SUV cross-country rankings for many years. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon model strengthened the already stable position of the SUV. The car is equipped with a powerful V6 engine (260 hp), two locking differentials, anti-roll bars with auto-off system, high ground clearance, the best off-road tires. A powerful car easily copes with the most difficult obstacles. An SUV can be defined as fashionable, since the possession of such a car indicates a solid position in society and wealth.

5Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero has repeatedly topped the ranking of the best SUVs. The universal model is quite economical when moving around the city, it shows itself perfectly while driving off-road. The SUV has four driving modes: four-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, hard locking of the “center”, a mode for lowering a number of gears in the transmission using a rear cross-axle differential lock. It is offered with two V6 engines, petrol and 4-cylinder turbodiesel.

6 Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol with excellent cross-country ability justifies its price by 100%. Nissan Patrol is used as a military vehicle by the army and special services of many countries of the world. Thanks to the perfect design, powerful engines (the model is available with various engines) and highly reliable off-road tires, the Patrol gets through where most off-road vehicles get stuck at the beginning of the journey. Nissan looks great on any road. Its owner will definitely not go unnoticed. A powerful and all-terrain SUV is an excellent choice for active people who prefer to live life to the fullest.

7Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet Blazer, which entered the market in 2019, attracts with its excellent driving characteristics, equipment and economy. A small SUV is ideal for driving on city roads. It demonstrates high off-road capability. The SUV's equipment includes a 3,6-liter gasoline engine, a nine-speed automatic transmission, a roomy trunk, and ultra-thin LED daytime running lights for cloudy weather. The presence of five special modes allows even inexperienced drivers to easily manage control by selecting and setting one of the modes. The interior of the car is equipped with a multimedia system with an 8-inch touch screen, which allows drivers, in addition to listening to music and using the navigator, to make calls, install applications, and chat in the messenger. The compact SUV is comfortable and reliable in all conditions.

8 Maserati Levante GTS

Presented by the manufacturer of exclusive sports cars, the Maserati Levante GTS excels on city roads, but is 100% off-road capable and capable of speeds up to 292 km/h. Levante GTS - all-wheel drive, equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a twin turbo engine with a capacity of 550 liters. The elegant stylish SUV is equipped with a multimedia system with a Wi-Fi hotspot, a parking control system, a maneuver control system. The car has several control modes, which facilitates the driving process. The driver just needs to select the mode that suits the situation. The undoubted advantage of the Levante GTS is a high level of security. The SUV is equipped with airbags for the driver and passengers, ceiling and side inflatable curtains to protect the head.

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9 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo, significantly changed in 2019, is 7 km/h faster and 30 hp more powerful. and harder. Powerful SUV successfully combines heaviness, stability and more than decent speed thanks to roof-mounted controlled aerodynamic devices, three-chamber air suspension, innovative braking system, mixed tires, rear-wheel steering, roll control and torque redistribution. The maximum speed of the SUV, equipped with an eight-cylinder V engine with a turbocharged power of 550 hp, is 286 km/h.

10.Chevrolet Niva

Chevrolet Niva confidently tops the ranking of budget SUVs due to the combination of low cost and excellent off-road performance. The second generation of the popular SUV is presented in the 2020 car market. Distinctive characteristics of the model are increased length, brutal design, an additional set of off-road body kits (winch, protection of optics and power unit, etc.), modern narrow optics. The Chevrolet Niva SUV is equipped with a 136 hp engine, the characteristics of which allow the Niva to compete with the Renault Duster, but the first version has much better cross-country ability. The all-wheel drive car is offered with a five-speed gearbox and an automatic transmission of your choice, a two-speed transfer case and an interaxle locking differential. High ground clearance allows the SUV to easily overcome any impassability.

How to choose an off-road SUV

The cross-country ability of an SUV is one of the most important characteristics of a car. You can choose the right SUV for cross-country ability if you pay attention to the presence of:

  • all-wheel drive;
  • good geometric cross-country ability (large ramp and entry/exit angles);
  • frame structure;
  • high ground clearance;
  • downshift;
  • traction control system or cross-axle transmission.

Frame cars demonstrate themselves perfectly in complete off-road conditions. They are less demanding and have a longer service life, maneuverability, controllability and stability.

A car with an automatic transmission is not the best option for off-road, so models with a manual transmission should be preferred. When choosing a car according to the suspension design, it is better to prefer an independent suspension.

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