What skewers make the best barbecue?

What skewers make the best barbecue?

Shish kebab is an incredibly tasty and healthy dish. Since the meat on the fire is fried without oil, even its excessive use is unlikely to affect the figure (and this, you see, is another plus). The quality of the meat and the marinade affect the taste of the barbecue, but for some reason everyone forgets about the skewers. A lot depends on them too. Today you will learn how to choose and buy skewerson which the barbecue will turn out perfect. Together with the experts of the World of Dishes online store, we have prepared a brief overview of the varieties, their advantages and disadvantages. With our tips, even a beginner will be able to cook a delicious and juicy kebab using the right skewers!

Shampoo types:

  • Wooden. Based on the name, it is clear that they are disposable sharpened wooden sticks on which meat is strung. For a classic barbecue, such skewers are rarely used because they cannot withstand large pieces. Important: so that wooden sticks do not catch fire, they are soaked in water for 20-30 minutes before cooking.
  • Bamboo. An analogue of the previous ones, but they look more beautiful when setting the table. They are often used for seafood.
  • Metal. The most common option in our latitudes. Metal skewers have many advantages: strength, durability, reusable. There is only one minus: they need to be washed!

Flat metal skewers are the best choice

On the grill, they can occupy only two positions and do not scroll around their axis, which ensures more uniform frying of meat. Flat metal skewers are easy to clean and do not burn through. We recommend that you pay attention to stainless steel kits, as they are not subject to corrosion and will last you longer. Important: the length of the correct skewers should be 20 cm longer than the length of the barbecue.

Wooden handle: necessary or not?

In our opinion, skewers with a wooden handle have more advantages than disadvantages. They look stylish, more practical and durable in operation. You are unlikely to get burned on such a skewer, which cannot be said about all-metal varieties. The cost of skewers with a wooden handle is more expensive, but they are also more attractive in appearance. They can be safely used for serving and serving hot fragrant shish kebab. Check out the site https://mirposudy.com.ua, there are many models with wooden handles.

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