Shading mesh and its advantages, application

Shading mesh and its advantages, application

Cultivated plants receive effective protection from the sun with the help of a special shading net made of polymeric materials. Strength, resistance to external influences and versatility distinguish it from analogues. Mesh products are indispensable for gardeners, farmers, greenhouse owners who are going to protect their crops. It is not subject to decay and is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. Reliable shading mesh - Proven polyethylene material that ensures uniform light distribution. There are three main levels of shading. Products are available in rolls of different widths and lengths, so when buying it is recommended to take these parameters into account.

Areas of use of the popular polyethylene canvas

This material is used in agriculture and its industries due to its high performance properties. The main areas where the grid is involved are:

  • construction of wind screens;
  • arrangement of enclosures;
  • insect protection;
  • harvesting - increasing efficiency, accelerating the process of harvesting fruits and berries, preventing their damage when falling to the ground.

Shading roll material protects from hail, hurricane winds and the sun. It is actively used in construction during storage and transportation of bulk products, when performing facade finishing and other works. The canvas of the cellular structure is chosen to protect playgrounds and recreation areas from aggressive ultraviolet radiation, shelter car parks.

About the benefits

A specific weaving technology minimizes the risks of damage to the fabric, disruption of its structure. Additional processing of sections is not required if there are problems with integrity. Other positive features of the shading grid from UkrStandard include:

  • environmental friendliness - does not emit toxic substances, safe for health;
  • creation of additional protection that prevents damage to greenhouses in difficult weather conditions;
  • long service life - at least five to seven years;
  • correct distribution of air masses, which favorably affects the growth and development of crops;
  • high tensile strength, elasticity.
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The choice of fasteners for installing the mesh depends on the material from which the supporting frame is made - metal, wood or plastic. Usually wire and clamps are used.

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