Free online logo makers

Free online logo makers

A logo is the face of a business. If it is done correctly, beautifully, it will help in promoting the company. Creating logos is an easy and interesting process thanks to the use of special designers. Even if you have never worked with design before, these applications will help you get a good end result effortlessly and completely free of charge.

Turbo logo

This is an intuitive service for creating a quality logo in just 15 minutes. The constructor contains more than 3 million icons and fonts so that you get a unique final logo. The development process consists of 4 stages, each of which contains detailed instructions. This makes Turbologo a suitable tool for general users. 

Additional functions of the constructor: creation of corporate identity elements (favicon, business cards, letterheads, watermarks, pictures for social networks). This will allow you to fully staff your brand in one service.

Wix Logo Maker

Provides fast logo creation. The designer creates trademarks for non-commercial use. Ideal for beginner logo editors. There are many colors, fonts, images. It won't take long to create a logo. This is an amazing tool with which the logo will turn out to be very interesting. And this does not require the experience and skills of a designer. Everything is presented clearly, so it remains only to choose the option you like. Based on the requirements put forward, you can even generate several logos at once, and then see how they will look. By the way, the interface of the designer is in Russian, which greatly simplifies the work.


This is a completely free logo design service. It will take just a few clicks to get the result in the form of a spectacular image. Once the company name is entered, the service will offer several types of fonts, colors and icons, as well as hundreds of different versions of the logo. It remains only to choose the appropriate option. By the way, the logo can be immediately tried on on a business card, T-shirt, website. In the future, you just need to download the version you like. But keep in mind that there is no Cyrillic support.

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Unlike the previous constructor, this one supports Cyrillic. With the help of the service it is easy to make your own brand name. First, you need to specify the scope of the startup, choose the style of the logo, write the name, and also indicate where the logo will be located. As a result, the service will offer dozens of ready-made solutions. It remains only to choose the one that suits you the most. If you wish, you can change the logo online. This concerns the font and colors, and then the image is available for download.

Tailor brands

This is a very simple constructor that will generate a lot of logos and then allow you to edit the logo online. It is ideal for small business owners, bloggers. It has an intuitive interface, so it will be convenient to work with the designer even for those who have never created a logo before. There are no special advanced tools for professionals, but there is a large library of icons, many font options, colors. The only feature is that this platform does not support the Russian language, so it will be useful for those who plan to make a logo in English.

Here you can make many variants of logos, and then download the one you like best for free. But keep in mind that the free sample will be worse in image quality than the paid version.

Hipster Logo Generator

Before you create text logos, you should take a closer look at this platform. It also supports Cyrillic. The service itself is very simple. It generates images in a minimalist style, perfect for a newly opened business. You can choose the shape of the emblem, the style of the text. Additionally, it is allowed to add a small symbol (for example, a pipe, an anchor). You can download the resulting logo for free if its resolution is 600x500. If you need a better image, then this service is paid.

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When choosing logo generators, you should pay attention to this platform. It is also completely free. There is support for Cyrillic. There are a huge number of templates that you can use. Images can be modified, add new details, choose fonts. A handy logo generator created from a popular online graphics editor.

Design Evo

If we analyze the flexibility of tools for design work, then this constructor is considered the best. There are more than 10 thousand ready-made templates that can be easily edited, even without the appropriate skills. The workflow is well and competently organized, so even a beginner can figure it out.

At the end, all that remains is to upload the logo. The product can be used for commercial purposes completely free of charge if you leave a link to the constructor on your own website. Also, keep in mind that the platform does not support the Russian language.



If you need to create a logo for free in Russian, then this platform is the best solution. The whole process is divided into 3 stages. First you need to choose an icon from a large database (more than a million options are presented). Then paste the text, adjust its appearance. And here the use of Cyrillic is allowed. At the third stage of work, it remains only to add other elements (small simple shapes).

Thus, there is no need to hire designers and pay them for their services to get a brand name. Now you can do it yourself and absolutely free.

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