The new iPhone 12 will be the most powerful phone ever

The new iPhone 12 will be the most powerful phone ever

Demand for the iPhone has only increased over time, but competitors are already outpacing Apple's models in a number of ways. The reputation of the brand, formed over the previous years, gives results, allowing you to sell new items at the highest possible price. This is clearly seen in the 11th generation gadgets, the conservative characteristics of which did not affect the audience's interest in them in any way.

Apple fans around the world are looking forward to the presentation of the iPhone 12 model. Experts say that the manufacturer will no longer be able to resist current market trends, so it will have to go for a large-scale update of its smartphones. Such decisions could make the iPhone the most powerful phone in history.

What will affect the characteristics of the iPhone 12

Experts make different predictions about the characteristics and options that the newest iPhone will be endowed with. Most of the assumptions come down to an increase in battery capacity, RAM, the appearance of Touch ID in the display. Conclusions about the reliability of these expectations can only be made after the presentation of the iPhone 12, but the radical increase in the power of this model has already received objective confirmation.

Apple processor manufacturer TSMC posted an 81% year-over-year increase in net profit in the second quarter. In terms of market capitalization, it was ahead of Samsung, Intel, which indicates huge technical achievements. It is they who will be able to experience the users who will be the first to get their hands on the 12 iPhone.

What processor will be developed for the model

In 2018, TSMC began mass production of 7nm processors, making it one of the market leaders. But she did not stop at this achievement, promising to release 5 nm models by the end of this year. Experts believe that the probability of implementing these plans is close to 100%. The new chips will be much more productive and more economical than all existing analogues, which will make the iPhone 12 the most powerful phone in history.

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The 12th generation devices will be equipped with the A14 Bionic chipset, which should be the first mass-produced 5nm processor. There is no data on its tests yet, so users are looking forward to the release of the new iPhone. TSMC should start deliveries of its development in the second half of 2020. Their implementation will reduce the power consumption of smartphones, increase their performance and GPU, and may cause an increase in cost.

What can be expected from new developments

By mid-summer, Apple had not announced the number of 12th generation models that should be presented before the end of 2020. Information about this comes only from insiders. The latest information released by Jon Prosser in May indicates the release of the base version, improved Plus and Pro models, and the maximum Pro Max build. The first device will ship with a 5,4-inch display, the second and third with a 6,1-inch display, and the fourth with a 6,7-inch display.

All gadgets will be equipped with OLED matrices. Data on the rehabilitation of TouchID technology came from the Chinese magazine Economic Daily News. The journalists of the publication claim that the American corporation will introduce an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm built into the screen. Along with the increase in performance, the latest iPhone will get more RAM. The base model will ship with 4GB of RAM, with the Pro version expanding to 6GB. The minimum capacity of the drive will be 128 GB, and the maximum - 1 TB.

Other features and features of the iPhone 12

Other decisions of the corporation that affect the performance and functions of the model can only be discussed hypothetically. They will be known only after the release of the new iPhone. But with a high degree of probability, a number of interesting updates are expected to be introduced:

  • 5G support - by default, the standard will be connected only in five states;
  • standardization of chargers - a requirement of the European Commission for the company;
  • two 12 MP sensors in basic assemblies, an additional ToF camera in Pro versions;
  • improved optics 7P, including 7 plastic lenses (there are only 6 of them in the current series).
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The first information about the characteristics of the new iPhone 12 appeared on the Internet at the end of 2019. Then documents were posted, according to which the latest Apple phone in the basic version will receive a battery with a capacity reduced to 2000 mAh. This decision is associated with a sharp decrease in the size of the smartphone itself. But not all users will notice the effect of it, as it will be smoothed out by the introduction of an economical OLED display. Owners of standard products will receive a powerful and compact model, the cost of which will remain at an affordable level. Devices from the Plus and Pro lines are equipped with a 3100 mAh battery, and Pro Max - 4000 mAh.

When will the presentation of the new iPhone

Rumors about the release of the most powerful phone in history, along with the published parameters, only fuel the interest of users in it. Initially, the release date of the iPhone 12 was planned for early autumn 2020. Experts argued that Apple should present its new product no later than September 12th. But the negative epidemiological situation has changed these forecasts.

The decision on when the iPhone 12 will be released has not yet been made. In various sources, there were suggestions about postponing the presentation to October or November of this year. The latest version was put forward by analysts at the American investment bank Cowen, who believe that the epidemic has greatly affected the company's annual schedule. Reliable information about this should appear by the end of summer.

If the predictions about when the new iPhone will be justified, then its sales will begin only by the end of December. In other countries, new models arrive a few weeks after their official presentation. There is still a small chance for Apple to maintain a long-term tradition of releasing its developments by early autumn, but experts consider the most likely scenario to be a negative scenario with the postponement of the start of sales by 2-3 months.

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