Google search just got smarter at finding podcasts

Throughout Google search's long life, new and handy features have been constantly used to help provide more immediate information and links to popular search types, and now the tech giant is giving that treatment to the same podcasts.

Reported today on google blogUsers searching for podcasts through Google will notice an additional section appearing among the regular search results, displaying a carousel of individual podcast episodes that are available online.

The feature works when you use search phrases such as “space podcasts” or “true crime podcasts,” and Google states that “any time soon, you don’t necessarily need a podcast in search to see episodes.”

If you're wondering how Google will be able to find these episodes - even if the title isn't necessarily part of the search term - it's because the results are "based on Google's understanding of what's being discussed."

As reported by Android Police earlier in the year, the company has begun transcribing podcasts into the service's Google Podcasts app, in the hope that the metadata will be useful for searches. Today, we are likely to see the results of this.

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You can't listen to a podcast directly from the search results right now, instead go to the Google Podcasts web app, but support for third-party apps and sites that may hold the exclusive rights to a podcast will be supported in the future, greatly enhancing your search experience.

The blog also notes that the tech giant will be bringing the same functionality to Google Assistant later this year, as well as a dedicated Google Podcasts for the web, from which you can also listen to an episode of search results.

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English in the US was the first to get the feature, but if you don't see it in the SERPs, it's safe to assume it will only be with you as a global rollout for the time being.

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