Car chargers: recommendations for choosing

Car chargers: recommendations for choosing

Battery discharge is a problem that overtakes car owners, regardless of the age of the “iron horses”. The reason will be the unstable operation of the generator or "winter hibernation" in the garage, after which the car refuses to start. Car battery chargers, selected according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer, will help minimize the risk.

There are several varieties

Authorized dealer of original equipment will tell you which option is suitable for the owner of a particular car. There are the following types of chargers (chargers):

  • alkaline or lithium-ion (LiOn);
  • nickel metal hydride (NiMh);
  • nickel-cadmium (NiCd).

Regardless of the choice, the driver brings the battery to 100%, otherwise its capacity is gradually reduced. The task of any memory is to lower the voltage in the network to the nominal value of the battery. The next step is to rectify the current and saturate the battery. When deciding to buy a car charger, look at the working mechanism used.

Constant current or constant voltage

The accompanying documents indicate one of three ways to fill the battery. Units with constant voltage at first quickly saturate the battery, and then quickly fill up. If "constant current" is specified, then the charger for the car will cope faster. The only "but" is the accelerated wear of the battery capacity. A model with a combined way of replenishing the lost power of the battery is in great demand. Going to the store, take a car instruction manual. The memory model is chosen with an emphasis on parameters and reviews, both about the brand and about a single device. The following recommendations will help you navigate the proposed assortment:

  • buy a model with a current margin in a big way;
  • the combined automatic device will last longer;
  • the display method does not affect the functionality;
  • the accompanying documents confirm compliance with fire safety standards and GOST.

The memory is chosen with an eye to its functionality and appearance. A securely fixed case with stable working switches is a must. Store Consultant will tell you about the conditions for obtaining service. Work is carried out in an authorized center.

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