Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases: Ways to Protect Your Old iPhone

If you've bought an iPhone 7 Plus, you'll definitely want to keep your investment safe and sound. The best way to protect your purchase is to store it in a case to ensure that its metal casing stays intact and the screen doesn't get shattered.

Unfortunately, many smartphone owners find out the hard way that all it takes is one bad drop to make your iPhone 7 Plus screen shatter into a cracked mess of sharp shards of glass. Sure, the phone can still work, but it's better to just get an iPhone 7 Plus case and avoid those tragedies entirely.

Here are our recommendations to keep your iPhone 7 Plus safe and sound for a long life, especially now that it's updated to iOS 13 and should continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future.

These are products that we did not have in our testing labs, but based on the opinion of our experts and the knowledge of the most respected brands, we believe they are worth looking into.

Our selection, ranked with new additions at the top, takes into account online reviews, brand reputation, product features or unique features to help you choose from the maze of options available to you.

1. Dockem case.

Only when you need it

The only thing better than a case is no case, at least not until you drop your phone, and this Dockem case combines the best of both worlds, giving your iPhone 7 Plus a comfortable case when you're not. use, and leaving it naked and free when you are.

The inevitable downside to this is that your phone doesn't have protection in use either, but if you're more concerned about your phone's safety when it's out of your hands than in them, this might be a good option, and it can't hurt that it's either. looks pretty stylish.

2. Torras Slim Fit Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Barely bigger than the phone itself

The Torras Slim Fit case is perfect for those who want a simple and inexpensive case that won't embellish their iPhone 8. It won't have OtterBox multi-layer protection, but buying one is definitely better than keeping your phone bare and that's the next one the thing that comes closest to it: aside from the 1mm protrusion around the camera, the Torras Slim Fit is only marginally larger than the phone itself. 

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This is the case when you need a simple case that will fit into pockets and small bags.

3. YFWOOD wooden lid

Style in three colors

Wooden cabinets are perhaps one of the most stylish and certainly the most unusual. YFWOOD is still mixed in this case, but using wood in three different shades to create a distinctive patterned finish.

Like most other wooden cases, the edges are still plastic, which ruins the look a bit when viewed from an angle, but when viewed from the rear, this is a stunning case that won't break the bank.

4. Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 7 Plus.

Decent protection at a low price

The Spigen Tough Armor [2nd Generation] case offers decent protection at a low price. It has a flexible TPU body that wraps around your phone, as well as a polycarbonate plate that covers the back. The latter includes a built-in kickstand if you enjoy watching media on your iPhone 7.

5.Cygnett UrbanShield

Premium finish without premium price

Cygnett UrbanShield is a simple and stylish case that we can handle. Cygnett also ditched the Apple logo cutout this year, and the result is a much sleeker case.

It's a simple case - a clip-on plastic shell designed to stay out of your iPhone's aluminum frame, but it has a nice finish that matches the classic pinks, silvers and blacks.

The two silver versions have a thin brushed aluminum plate on the back, while the black one uses carbon fiber and the pink one uses a silicone panel for a soft touch.

6. X-Doria protective gear

Surprisingly thin, durable body

We shied away from using too many heavy-duty iPhone 7 Plus cases because they tend to add thickness and width to an already large phone. However, the X-Doria Defense Gear is one of the thinnest cases that can boast "military grade" protection.

In practice, this means that you can drop a phone case from a height of 6 feet 6 inches and it should survive.

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The body is made from a mixture of rubber, hard plastic and anodized aluminium. The special sauce is what X-Doria calls DropShield. Like most modern case materials, it hardens on impact, a change of state that absorbs a lot of energy.

7. Knomo Snap-on Case

Apple leather case

If you want a simple leather case but don't want to be iSheep and buy your own case from Apple, check out the Knomo Snap-on case. It looks great and is much cheaper than Apple's, in part because the leather is just an insert into a fairly standard polycarbonate case.

However, this is still real leather, which means that the parts that will suffer from abuse will be plastic, which won't tear like leather veneer after severe mishandling.

Knomo is releasing the iPhone 7 Plus Snap-on Case in five different hues, from pretty orange to interior-inspired lido blue-grey.

8. Case Torro Stand

Universal leather case

Torro makes stylish leather flip cases that can be used as a stand, and the stand is especially handy with the iPhone 7 Plus, with its large screen begging to be used for a little movie watching while you're bored for a long time. plane or train ride.

The cover is made of genuine leather, and on the sides there is a neat stitching that creates a handmade effect. The black version has red stitching, while the brown version uses thread that blends into the leather a lot more.

Other notable features include a magnet to keep the screen cover from slamming, and a pocket on the front that can hold a travel or debit card.

9. Cygnett Urban Wallet Flip

Elegant and stylish leather flip case

If you want your iPhone to look serious and professional, you can't go wrong with the Cygnett UrbanWallet Flip. It's a simple flip case that uses a genuine leather "lid" and a plastic case that fits your iPhone 7 Plus.

This part that holds your phone has a metal finish in a semi-successful attempt to trick your eyes into believing the case is actually metal. The main advantage here is that it's a flip case, and a pretty smart one at that.

10. Belkin Air Protect SheerForce

Slim design that's stronger than it looks

The tricky part of designing a case is finding ways to absorb impact damage without effectively wrapping your phone in bubble wrap.

Belkin Air Protect SheerForce's tactic is to use arches on the sides of the case's bumper, creating small, compressible air pockets that absorb force rather than transfer it to the iPhone's aluminum sides.

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