When to replace summer tires with winter ones

When to replace summer tires with winter ones

The change of the warm season to the cold one signals that it is time to get warm clothes. For road transport, too, there are rules in this regard. As soon as the temperature drops to ten degrees, you should think about replacing summer tires with winter ones, which are more resistant to low temperatures.

Tire replacement is a necessary process for every vehicle owner. This will protect the driver from harsh winters and ice. The authorities of each country carefully monitor this, because summer tires are not adapted to ice on the road and bad weather conditions, which can provoke an accident on the road.

So, when to change tires for winter in Ukraine? In the legislation of Ukraine there are no requirements for changing tires, respectively, there is no liability for violation of the rules. However, this does not relieve you of responsibility. You should take care of your safety and the safety of your loved ones first of all.

When to change

For residents of Ukraine, there is a law that brings to justice those who used worn and damaged rubber. According to Article 121 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, if the driver violates the requirements for the operation of transport, a fine of 350-700 hryvnias is imposed on him. In case of repeated violation during the current year, your rights are withdrawn for up to six months, according to the decision of authorized persons. In addition, instead of depriving you of the right to drive, you can receive an administrative arrest of up to ten days.

At the same time, according to Article 265 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, your vehicle has every right to be placed on a penalty site until the rubber is replaced with a new one. This outcome can be avoided if you replace the defective tire with the spare wheel on the spot.

Are there any penalties

How much is the fine for summer tires in winter - each country has its own laws. In some states, this issue is treated as strictly as possible. So you have to pay a big fine for driving without winter tires. The government of some countries ruthlessly withdraws the rights of drivers, as their irresponsibility endangers the lives of other road users. Is there a fine for summer tires in Ukraine? This question is ambiguous. The government is repeatedly going to introduce new rules in this regard, but so far the question remains open. So drivers do not pay a fine on summer tires in winter.

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Next, let's talk about the law on driving on winter tires. According to generally accepted rules, it is forbidden to use studded tires during the summer months. Winter tires are allowed during the winter months. Here the choice is up to the driver: give preference to studded or non-studded tires. The most important thing is that tires have a certain marking - M + S or M S. This requirement is common only for cars and trucks.

Based on current weather conditions, the government may ban the use of studded tires to protect the life and health of road users. Regional authorities can regulate the ban according to the situation, based on weather factors.

Now it's worth talking about when to change winter tires. If we take into account general statistics, you should change tires at such time intervals:

  • summer tires without special marking are used from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn;
  • winter studded tires with special markings are used from the beginning of autumn to the end of spring;
  • winter non-studded, on which there is a special marking, can be used throughout the year.

These are just general indications. You need to build on not only the month and season, but also weather factors. If you observe a sharp change in the weather and a cold snap at night, then this is a signal that it is time to change your vehicle.

What is the difference between summer and winter tires?

Winter tires for a vehicle are much softer than summer tires in the cold season. This is necessary in order to ensure plasticity during movement at sub-zero temperatures. Due to this property, the tire has better contact with the road surface.

If you use winter tires in the warm season, the tire will wear out and become unusable, as it is not adapted to such weather conditions and road features. If, in addition, it is studded, the studs will make a clicking sound when driving, quickly becoming unusable. In this case, not only the car itself suffers, but also the road. Microcracks and potholes appear on it, which will further affect its quality.

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When using a summer tire in the winter season, things are even worse. Not only is the rubber subjected to heavy wear, but also the contact with the asphalt is broken. Summer tires become hard and tan, which is why the rubber simply slides over the snow that has fallen or the ice that has formed. If summer tires are also without studs, then this becomes extremely dangerous for the life of the driver, since contact with the road is too weak.

Summer tires should not be used in winter. All of the above factors increase the braking distance. This may lead to a traffic accident. Take care of yourself, your health and the lives of your loved ones. Buy tires for the season, do not try to save on it, as this can lead to irreparable consequences.

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