How to watch football online - top sites and applications

How to watch football online - top sites and applications

Football matches attract more viewers than any other sport, and the main audience of the most popular game in the world is traditionally represented by television viewers. With the development of satellite technology and television in general, we have been able to watch channels that broadcast football around the clock, but no program for watching football matches provides the choice that the Internet is ready to give today.

The number of championships and tournaments is so great that true fans of the "game number 1" have to literally be torn between fights of national championships and international meetings, all kinds of cups and friendly games. Of course, many matches are broadcast by TV channels, but most of them require a paid subscription, and more often than not, you can watch the desired game only in the recording.

Football video broadcasts online

Much more freedom in choosing matches can be given by any popular site for watching football online. The number of such Internet portals is growing, as is their audience, but the problem again remains paid registration or a subscription fee for access to broadcasts. An alternative to such sites can be free sites, but due to their semi-legal work, viewers are not immune from cases of blocking portals. Among the most popular and, despite regularly imposed sanctions, still working resources include:

  • Livesport.vs;

To the list, which includes the best sites for online football broadcasts, you can add Internet portals belonging to the largest TV channels. These are Eurosport, RaiSport, Setanta and many others, including those representing a particular country and, as a result, focusing on the games of the national championship.

Online viewing of football with the help of special programs

There are a lot of enthusiasts who are ready to help real football fans, so the Internet community does not stop its attempts to receive paid or shareware services absolutely free of charge. For example, such opportunities can be opened by a special program for watching online football, which gives access to various television channels broadcasting football games live. These are the popular applications SopCast, TVAnts and the like, which can instantly turn your home computer into a TV with access to any TV channels in the world.

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Television sports networks can be considered an alternative to this. For football fans, beIN Sports and FIFA offer a huge selection of live games. At the same time, the program for viewing online broadcasts makes it possible to see not only the game itself, but also constantly updated comprehensive statistics in the form of tables, diagrams, etc.

More Ways to Watch Football Online

If any of the above options do not suit you or do not work, you can always turn to the services of other potential sources of football television broadcasts. One of the most accessible is the site of a large bookmaker. Here you do not need to download any application to watch football online, but you will have to register on the bookmaker's website and have a positive balance in your game account. Next, you need to find the desired match in the list of games and click the “video broadcast” icon. Many betting companies centrally connect to the servers of TV companies in order to provide bettors with the opportunity to watch live games and make their live predictions. Why not take advantage of this and watch a match of your favorite team that is not shown on TV for free?

Knowing how to watch football online on a computer using specialized sites, it will not be difficult for you to connect to the desired broadcast through a social network. Each of them has thousands of fan clubs, bloggers and just fans who can broadcast matches on their pages. Sometimes it is necessary to be subscribers of such accounts, although in most cases any participant registered on the social network can become a viewer of the video broadcast.

Mobile Apps

Modern smartphones are powerful enough devices to display videos in good quality. Therefore, using mobile browsers, you can easily display the broadcast of a football match received from a website or social network on the gadget’s screen. But the list of available ways to watch football would be incomplete without special mobile applications. Some of them show streaming video, others focus on live statistics, others broadcast text with a schematic display of what is happening on the football field. These programs are also being improved and expand their functionality every year.

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In the meantime, the list of the best of them is represented by the following five mobile applications:

  1. 365Scores;
  2. onefootball;
  3. All Goals;
  4. Scores & Video;
  5. Forza football.
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