Choosing a budget laptop

Choosing a budget laptop

When you need an inexpensive and productive computer that can be used outside the home, it is better to immediately choose a budget laptop. But choosing this computer equipment is not considered an easy decision, since you need to pay attention to the processor, RAM, hard drive and case.

It is better to start searching for this technique from the monitor. Most budget laptops use a 15.6-inch screen, which is extremely convenient to do everything from watching videos to working. If the monitor screen also has a matrix in the form of TN, then this will have a positive effect - it is economical and has an increased level of brightness.

Next comes the choice of processor. Of course, processors from AMD and Intel are a priori more powerful, but you need to keep in mind that multi-core versions of Celeron processors also have good performance, but are much cheaper. These days you can buy a laptop with a Celeron processor starting at $165 and it will be able to run games released before 2012 with great confidence! AMD and Intel processors are valuable in that they can be equipped with SpeedStep technology, which seriously saves energy at reduced load and the laptop can work offline for a long time.

Budget versions of laptops are often equipped with integrated video cards, which, unlike discrete counterparts, are less powerful, but the former receive constantly decent cooling from the fan and last an order of magnitude longer. And the power of integrated video cards is quite high - the amount of memory already reaches a solid value of 1 GB!
Having a hard drive, often up to 1 TB of storage, is often considered a positive solution - you can freely save many "heavy" games on it. If the computer slows down a little with a video picture, then it is enough to buy a laptop with an HDD, in which the spindle speed will reach 10 rpm.

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RAM in budget laptops does not have to reach double digits. If the RAM indicator turns out to be “only” 4 GB, then the computer will a priori have good performance - you can play most games and open many applications. And also watch movies online - a computer, with a productive processor, will not slow down.

And of course, it is important to look at the capacity of the battery. If it is within 8 mAh, then a computer with an HDD can work offline for up to 000 hours. Of course, you can increase the battery life if you buy a laptop with an SSD, but this option will be significantly more expensive.

The cases of this technique are often made of a plastic base. The latter can be both glossy and matte. Glossy cases win with a branded beautiful appearance, while the latter are quoted in terms of increased practicality, since they never show fingerprints.

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