Do I need to flush the engine when changing engine oil

Do I need to flush the engine when changing engine oil

For the normal functioning of the power unit, constant filling of engine oil is required. Some carry out this procedure by flushing the engine, while others believe that it can harm the motor.

Do I need to flush the engine

Proponents of flushing believe that it makes it possible to increase the life of the power unit. To a greater extent, this statement applies to vehicles with high mileage, purchased from hand. It is not known what kind of oil the previous owner filled in, and whether it was periodically replaced. In this case, flushing really becomes mandatory. Similarly, it is worth doing when switching to a different type of oil, for example, from a mineral version to “synthetics”.
Opponents of engine flushing insist that this procedure is harmful to the unit. After it, a certain amount of flushing oil remains in the system, which subsequently mixes with new oil and spoils its composition.

How to flush an engine

Looking at the black oil draining, many people have a desire to flush the engine. In past years, various liquids have been used for this. It was oil for hydraulic systems ("spindle"), diesel fuel, kerosene. Today, in almost every specialized center you can find several options for flushing oil, which, according to their manufacturers, will provide a crystal surface. You can also find offers from unknown companies offering funds that take place in just 5 minutes.

Flushing the engine with kerosene

Proponents of flushing this fluid believe that this is the most rational option. Kerosene will have to be drained immediately after washing, and it makes no sense to use an expensive liquid.
Indeed, both kerosene and "spindle" have good lubricating qualities. They can be used to flush a dirty oil pan without starting the engine. It is only necessary to pour a small amount of kerosene and let it stand for a while. This procedure will facilitate the operation of the oil pump and remove some of the contaminants from the oil receiver screen. The advantage of such flushing is that kerosene does not circulate through the system, but is immediately removed.

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Flushing with flushing oil

The use of this product allows you to clean the lubrication system. It is a cheap oil that contains a large amount of cleaning additives. The use of flushing oil is the most acceptable way to clean the system. It well removes impurities that dissolve in it.

Application of 5-minute funds

Such a tool, as its manufacturers assure, can remove pollution in just a few minutes. It is enough to take one jar and fill it, after which the engine will become completely clean. However, this method is considered the most risky, because the old oil contains a large amount of soot and dirt, which are trapped at the inlet to the oil receiver. As a result, the driver will have to perform sump cleaning and other cleaning activities.
To avoid the appearance of a large amount of pollution, you can periodically change the oil, in accordance with the manufacturer's advice, not forgetting to purchase a new filter.

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