Choosing an SSD for your computer

Choosing an SSD for your computer

To save data for a long time, it is not always logical to select hard drives for a computer that are excellent for increased energy consumption and poor reliability. Sometimes it is better to choose solid state drives instead, represented in the English abbreviation in the form of SSD. But first you have to focus on the brand, reading speed and the possibility of firmware.
And the brand really comes first. If the drive is produced by Kingstone, WD, Orico, Samsung and Intel, then this will a priori indicate the high quality of the product - the drive will surely last at least 10 years. And even more.

Next, you only need to pay attention to the capacitive values. Today, this figure often varies between 128-1 GB, which allows you to no longer use cloud servers, but store capacious material on your own computer.

The speed of reading, coupled with writing, also matters. In budget versions, this figure often starts at 470 Mb / s, but there are models whose read speed can reach up to 6 Gb / s, but you need to remember that this speed is achieved if the SSD is inserted into the PCI-express port. And you will have to buy another additional adapter so that the drive fits snugly into this slot.

Other versions are often connected via a USB 3.0 port, which guarantees a lower speed (from 940 Mb / s), but external SSDs are considered extremely convenient in terms of use - they are extremely easy to connect to laptops and netbooks.

SSDs have disadvantages - they do not withstand hibernation and defragmentation well, since cells in the form of TLC and MLC (the latter store up to 3 bytes of information instead of 2 bytes) begin to wear out a lot. Therefore, hibernation coupled with defragmentation, as is customary with HDDs, is not recommended here. But as stated above, SSDs work confidently, while a third of hard drives, even from the best manufacturers, tend to break down (the spindle often breaks or air gets inside) within five years!

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Another disadvantage is that the computer may not wake up after hibernation, or the reading speed will be unimaginably low. The solution to this problem is quite simple - flashing the SSD using special software, which is available on the manufacturer's website, and the drive will again have a high data transfer rate.

But the plus of SSD should be attributed to the fact that they work confidently with frequent mechanical impact, are not afraid of heat, and allow you to load the operating system much faster. For games, they are also considered the best solution - the entire video image, especially during explosions, appears instantly and the computer does not slow down.

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