How to speed up your computer?

How to speed up your computer?

After acquiring a computer, it sometimes takes several months for this technique to start working unrealistically slowly. Some of the users in this case act quite simply - they simply demolish the old OS and install a new one. But not all users, especially beginners, have experience in this matter and sometimes it is better to speed up the computer by other means.

It is well known that files on a traditional hard drive are periodically fragmented, which significantly slows down the computer, and therefore, in this case, it is necessary to periodically defragment the procedure. SSDs have not been noticed in this and defragmentation is not recommended in order to avoid failure of the MLC cells. But as for the HDD, such a procedure must be carried out at least once a week, which allows you to collect all the scattered files into a single block. But SSDs allow you to load the OS faster, are not afraid of vibration, and work more stable at high temperatures.

It is strongly recommended that you also clean the registry, old files and cookies. For such purposes, a free registry cleaner in the form of CCleaner is perfect, capable of cleaning everything in 17 positions in default mode. If you need to clean the registry more thoroughly, then it is better to use paid registry cleaners in the form of Frontline Registry Cleaner, RegCure or RegGenie, which can clean within 180 seconds. The cost of the latter is relatively high, but only they allow you to work with the OS for many years without reinstalling.

If a computer virus appears on the hard drive, the system will start to work extremely slowly. In this case, it is better to immediately install an anti-virus program that is able to find different versions of viruses in real time and destroy them. If you accidentally visit an infected site, the antivirus will warn you about this and block the connection.
It also makes sense to close programs competently. You should not minimize them (perhaps temporarily), but it is better to completely stop working, because in the first case the program runs in the background.

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If you also install a new version of the browser, then reading Internet pages will be faster. But it is important to understand that the latest versions of browsers are not able to support some applications in the form of Imacros or Flashgot. The first ones allow you to upload a lot of information to the desired site automatically, while with the help of the second one you can intercept video in Internet cinemas and watch a movie from your own hard drive in complete comfort and without loading the processor.

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