Routers: types, scopes and features

Routers: types, scopes and features

High fault tolerance, implementation flexibility is characterized by wireless router from Cisco: routers of this brand are professional-class devices and are built into networks of various configurations.

Cisco network devices have a reputation for high technology and reliability. The product catalog includes the names of technical means with many modifications for building networks of large companies: network switch, router, access point, firewalls Also in the list of products there is a place for network solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Types of routers

The functionality of the router, the requirements for it, are determined by the place of this device in the network topology. On this basis, routers are:

  • backbone: their task is to transfer data as quickly as possible, so there are no filtering or prioritization functions, but the devices are equipped with high-speed interfaces, redundant modules, each port is equipped with a processor and a copy of the IP address table;
  • access or border routers - provide communication between backbone and peripheral networks, they are slower; data filtering is important here;
  • routers of regional branches - for interaction of branch networks with each other and the backbone network;
  • remote offices - to combine a separate local network with the highest network in the hierarchy: regional or backbone;
  • local networks - for the interaction of subnets that make up a network of a larger scale.
  • software - installed as a program on a computer that acts as a router.

Router Features

The development of technologies, their implementation in network devices improves network performance, for example:

  • MU-MIMO - increases throughput and, accordingly, the number of users;
  • VLAN - divides the network into subnets, for example, enterprise departments;
  • VPN - organizes a virtual network that is secure for the transfer of confidential information;
  • DMZ - allocates a shared access zone on the network via the Internet, for example, for customers of an online store.

This is not the entire list of router capabilities and technologies used.

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The choice of a network device in accordance with its place in the network and the tasks assigned to it is within the competence of the consultants of the Unisphere online store.

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