Electrics and other elements for Howo trucks

Electrics and other elements for Howo trucks

Howo is a world famous brand owned by the Chinese engineering company CNHTC. It has its own headquarters in Shandong Province. The main direction of production is machines with a high carrying capacity, designed to perform a variety of operations in trade, other industrial enterprises, manufacturing, and agriculture. If repair or replacement is needed Howo electrical, as well as other spare parts, must be only original production.

The equipment of this company pleases with excellent running characteristics, durability and adaptability to increased intense loads. The first truck under this name was released in 2004, at the same time they launched mass production of such vehicles. Now the products are in demand not only in China, but also far beyond its borders.

Main advantages of Howo trucks

They are especially in demand in companies involved in the construction and extraction of various resources. They are also often purchased by agricultural enterprises for their working needs.

In the manufacture of trucks, the manufacturer puts the comfort of the driver in the first place. The equipment is extremely easy to maintain and operate, therefore, when buying and maintaining it, there are no additional and frequent high costs. The design is reliable and simple, all parts work smoothly, have a long working life. Everything is provided in the cab interior for the convenience of a person who works the entire shift with short breaks.

Electrical elements and other spare parts of the original production are sold at a low cost. Details are presented in a wide range. Among them there are unified, suitable for different models of Howo.

The automaker offers the following types of trucks:

  • dump trucks. They are distinguished by excellent maneuverability and good cross-country ability, they can even drive on city roads and in traffic jams. For unloading, a pre-prepared site is not needed, it can be arranged at different angles - as convenient;
  • mining dump trucks. They are necessary for enterprises that have large daily work volumes - for example, mining companies. These are vehicles with a high-strength frame, characterized by increased capacity. Ideal for transporting large volumes of soil, rocks;
  • truck tractors. The main advantageous characteristics are high-power engines, reinforced suspension. The maximum protection for the frame is provided, therefore the probability of breakage is minimal.
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Howo's cargo transportation vehicles are ideal for any domestic enterprise. They are adapted to our roads, can be used in harsh conditions, at low temperatures and in any weather.

Electrical elements for Hovo trucks

When looking for spare parts for Chinese brand vehicles, it is better to order and buy original components. Other parts may be compatible with some models, but they often have a limited lifespan and break very quickly.

Among the original electrical elements for Chinese trucks, the most in demand are:

  • sensors that regulate the operation of various systems - if one breaks down, the rest also do not work correctly, therefore it is very important to carry out timely repairs or replacements;
  • electrical wiring, electropneumatic valves, turn signal switches;
  • glass cleaner relay, turn signals, heating system - both 4-pin and 5-pin options are presented;
  • dashboards, bulbs for them, buttons for brakes (including mountain);
  • keys for a sound signal, neutral gear, blocking, dimensions, dipped beam, ignition locks.

All spare parts are certified and comply with European standards.

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