Lucid Air promises to be the next 'most powerful' electric car

Lucid Air promises to be the next 'most powerful' electric car

The electric car market is like an arms race. There are established brands like VW and Hyundai that are vying with newcomers for dominance. A prime example is Tesla, which has been particularly successful in this segment, while competing companies want to be part of the process.

Lucid Motors is one such player, having announced Lucid Air as their latest contender for the title with their new sedan or sedan. The Silicon Valley company (like Tesla) is focusing on technology and setting records to make a name for itself, rather than being able to trade its established brand like the traditional automotive world.

As such, Lucid Air is said to be inspired by the state of California, talking about making dreams come true and promising to see things differently.

The key to the company's offering, it is claimed, is the miniaturization of its components to maximize space and improve efficiency. The company says, "This is a holistic, clean approach to advanced EV design, without the use of existing 'off-the-shelf' solutions that are so common in EVs from legacy automakers."

The result is a vehicle clearly intended to compete with the Tesla Model S, with a sporty drive that retains interior space for a luxurious passenger compartment. Inside, there's a 34-inch curved 5K glass cockpit, as well as built-in Alexa voice control and a huge center display.

The car that claims to be the most aerodynamic on the road is streamlined, long and low, with plenty of windows on the roof to open up the interior.

But in fact, everyone will be pleased with the declared performance. To make sure Lucid Motors makes its mark, the Air is said to offer 1080bhp. and can travel the quarter mile in 9,9 seconds with a twin-motor configuration; it accelerates to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds in the top configuration.

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Battery claims are great too, with a 113kWh extended battery pack capable of delivering 517 miles of range on the Grand Touring model. It also claims faster charging thanks to a 900V+ system compatible with the latest 350kW DC chargers starting to show up in some places.

In addition to really fast charging, there is a 19,2 kW AC charger on board that allows you to take advantage of faster AC chargers.

Of course, building the best electric car comes at a cost, and the $169 Air Dream Edition model will have 000 horsepower. and lightning speed with a range of 1080 miles.

But, like Tesla, Lucid Motors is planning a phased release of models, so we'll have to wait for the most affordable version:

  • Dream Edition: 465 miles, 1080 hp, $169000 Q2021 XNUMX
  • Grand Touring: 517 miles, 800 hp, $139000 Q2021 XNUMX
  • Air Touring: 406 miles, 620 hp, $95000 Q4 2021
  • Air: TBA miles, TBAhp, $80 000

A challenge that new electric vehicles often face is manufacturing and scaling, and this is where established brands have an edge. We'll keep our eyes on the roads and see if Lucid Air makes their California dream come true.

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