The laptop turns on, but there is no image - the main reasons for such a nuisance

The laptop turns on, but there is no image - the main reasons for such a nuisance

With all due respect to smartphones, which today are victoriously "walking" the planet, they failed to oust laptops from the market of portable computer equipment. Yes, other “smart” phones amaze the imagination in terms of power and technical characteristics and are able to compete with traditional devices that have long become traditional. But for work and entertainment at home or in the office, using laptops is much more convenient. Even writing this material on a small smartphone screen is not very comfortable. Although "small" is a relative term, my mobile device has a 6,5-inch screen: a kind of functional and high-performance "shovel". But all the same - you can use a smartphone on the road or on a business trip, but it is not yet suitable as a full-fledged replacement for a laptop.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that problems in the operation of such devices cause a “nervous breakdown” among users. Services that provide services such as Laptop Repairare unlikely to be out of work anytime soon. One of the fairly common problems is when you press the power button, hear the sound from the coolers running, watch the blinking LEDs and find that there is no image. Fortunately, a black screen is not a harbinger of the "death" of the device. And in most cases, a good service will help to cope with the malfunction. Let's see why, most often, when you turn on the laptop, it refuses to display an image on the screen.

The display is broken - why? After all, I treated him with care and tenderness!

It is quite logical that the lack of an image may be due to a breakdown in the display system. Both the backlight diodes and the voltage supply inverter can fail. It is important to remember if the screen has been “winking” lately? Such blinking can also occur with a black screen, when the display “comes to life” for a moment, but after a split second it again stops producing an image. In this case, you will have to contact a trusted service center, since repairs will require high qualifications and experience in carrying out such work.

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Video card - the second "heart" of the laptop

The video card in a laptop is no less important than the processor, hard drive, RAM and other components. True, the simplest models do not have such a detail at all - a processor with RAM takes on the functions of processing and outputting a video signal. But in more expensive laptops, designed not only for study and work with office applications, but also for entertainment, a video card is present. Therefore, malfunctions in its operation often cause a black screen to appear.

Harbingers of a video card breakdown can be a deterioration in image quality, “broken” pixels, stripes will appear and disappear on the screen, colors will begin to distort. Also, the sound from the coolers may change and become louder.

He was ordered to go north. More precisely - on the north bridge

The motherboard is an important and complex component of a laptop. In the presence of a black screen when turned on, it may be her fault. The northbridge of the video card leads to the system that generates the video signal. Therefore, the problem is in it if the laptop:

  • does not turn on;
  • before that, it regularly turned off by itself;
  • used to give a "blue screen of death" often.

For repairs, you need to contact a good service specialist.

Winchester is also not eternal

The hard drive is statistically not often the cause of the fact that the image is not displayed on the screen. But this can also happen. Therefore, the appearance of a black screen may not be due to malfunctions of the video signal generation system. If, when turned on, the initial boot screen changes to a black background with one or more lines of white characters (or maybe without them), then this indicates that the BIOS indicates that it is impossible to boot from the hard drive. Alas, in such a situation, it will most likely have to be changed.

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