Find out how to save on heating with underfloor heating

Find out how to save on heating with underfloor heating

The low quality of services, the inefficiency and high cost of central heating have taught us that in order to heat a home, it is necessary to overcome a long and painful path “through thorns to the stars”. At the same time, someone is freezing in their own apartment for the entire heating period, wrapped in rugs and blankets. And others open windows and doors to the balcony, unable to withstand the sweltering heat from red-hot batteries. No wonder they say that central heating, on average, provides normal climatic conditions in the room. That is, if in one apartment in winter it is only + 15 ° C, and in another as much as + 35 ° C, then the arithmetic average is +25 ° C - a value that is quite comfortable for a person.

But jokes aside! Are there really no modern heating systems capable of providing not only a normal temperature for life in winter, but also reducing the cost of obtaining heat? Of course, there is such a solution. Electric warm floor — economic and convenient in management and operation system of heating. It can be installed as a main or additional heat source. Let's see how you can save on heating with underfloor heating.

Why underfloor heating is an economical heating system

At first glance, the underfloor heating system is unlikely to be able to provide economical operation - after all, it consumes electricity. And, as you know, you have to pay for it. But the thing is that floor heating does not work all the time. If someone thinks that the system heats the room around the clock and constantly "eats" the electrician, then he is greatly mistaken. No, of course you can make the heating element work without interruption. But just why? After all, the principle of operation of such a heating system is completely different.

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Introducing the members of the "team" of electric underfloor heating

Let's start with the component that warms us. It's called a heating element. Its work is based on the fact that many materials, when an electric current passes through them, heat up and give off heat. That is, it turns out such a “boiler principle” in a different way - instead of coal or gas, current acts as fuel, and the heating element gives off heat to the floor covering. And then it spreads through the room due to heat transfer.

The electric underfloor heating system keeps us warm with:

  1. Heating cables - specially designed for use in such solutions. They are produced with one or two cores.
  2. Heating mats - they are made on the basis of thinner cables in order to facilitate installation under the floor covering.
  3. Infrared film is an interesting and most modern type of heating element. A thin polymer film with carbon emitters placed inside and separated copper contacts works on the principle of our Sun. As they say, buy your little sun and place it under your feet! In fact, this type of heating provides the most uniform distribution of heat, is able to reach the set temperature in just 10–15 minutes, and the film can be mounted under almost any type of floor covering.

All ingenious is simple

The efficiency of heating operation is achieved due to the fact that the system turns on and consumes electricity only when necessary. For example, you set the desired room temperature on the thermostat. After turning on the warm floor, it begins to give off heat until it reaches the set parameter. After that, the system will automatically turn off and restart itself when the temperature drops below the set value.

If the room is well insulated and there are no significant heat losses, then the heating operation time will be very insignificant. After all, heated objects and the floor will retain heat for some time. However, to obtain the greatest savings, it is important to pay close attention to the thermal insulation of an apartment or house in order to minimize heat loss.

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To summarize

As it is sung in the wonderful song of the legendary group "Time Machine", "you should not bend under the changing world." In our case, it is high time to get rid of the “charms” of central heating and switch to a modern and economical heating system. Believe me, the warm floor will not let you down - the vast majority of people who installed the system note extraordinary comfort from this method of heating, and their heating costs have decreased from 5 to 7 times (!)

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