How to keep your eyesight while working at a computer

How to keep your eyesight while working at a computer

Since the advent of computer technology, discussions have not stopped about how and how dangerous a PC is for general health. Whether the vision from the computer sits down is of interest to each user. There is no doubt that long-term work at the monitor necessarily provokes visual fatigue.

Your vision and computeras a risk factor

Active PC users often turn to an ophthalmologist and complain of worsening vision from the computer, twilight vision, and increased eye sensitivity to too bright light. The listed symptoms completely coincide with the signs of a lack of vitamin A in the body. Its deficiency is caused by the load that the eyes experience during many hours of watching videos and ordinary typing.

One day, vitamin A won't be able to help anymore, so you'll have to learn blind typing or say goodbye to good eyesight. In this situation, even the most modern high-tech monitors will not improve the condition. It is necessary to find out exactly why the computer deteriorates vision, and what kind of prevention should be carried out.

Patients whose vision has deteriorated from long work at a computer monitor are much less common for doctors. They usually leave the optometrist's office with traditional diagnoses of developing farsightedness and nearsightedness. While reading books, the load on the eyes and damage to vision occur according to the same principle. The main reasons for its deterioration due to the computer are:

  • violation of monitor placement requirements,
  • incorrect brightness setting,
  • viewing fuzzy pictures,
  • flickering screen image,
  • too small font.

It must be remembered that the negative impact of the computer on the eyes can manifest itself after a few years.

Eye fatigue is manifested by redness and itching, a feeling of heaviness, dizziness and headaches, double vision and darkening. Subsequently, more serious problems begin in the form of a violation of accommodation and a decrease in severity. As a result, a person runs the risk of acquiring stable myopia.

The group of "visual" complaints of people who are forced to spend a lot of time at the monitor include:

  • doubling,
  • clouding and decrease in sharpness,
  • violation of accommodation in the form of slow focusing when looking from far to nearby objects and when moving back,
  • rapid onset of eye fatigue when reading.
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The group of "eye" complaints includes:

  • redness of the whites of the eyes,
  • burning sensation and "sand" under the eyelids,
  • pain in the eye sockets and forehead,
  • pain when looking away.

All of these phenomena refer to a phenomenon called "asthenopia". This word is translated as "lack of power of sight." Most computer users will agree that they have these symptoms. Asthenopia in someone can manifest itself after 2, for the most part - after 4, and for each user - after 6 hours of being in front of the monitor.

When trying to find out how a computer affects a person, scientists came to the conclusion that organic eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma do not provoke long work with a computer. During scientific research, scientists have found that the volume of accommodation decreases during the day, and some users develop temporary myopia. In this case, the ocular muscular balance shifts, and a whole complex of functional disorders occurs.

How to keep your eyesight on the computer: expert advice

Everyone is able to create optimal conditions for themselves in order to reduce harm to health and increase productivity:

  • wear good safety goggles
  • buy a monitor with a high-quality matrix,
  • regularly wipe the screen surface from dust,
  • do not sit close to the screen, try to keep an arm's length distance,
  • put a flower next to the monitor (natural green color relaxes the eye muscles),
  • blink more often to prevent dry eyes,
  • install one of the free programs on your computer to reduce the level of harmful colors on the screen,
  • do not sit in front of the switched on monitor in a dark room,
  • take breaks with relaxation techniques.

During breaks in work, you should not immediately switch to checking social networks. It has not yet been fully clarified whether the eyesight from the phone sits down, so you need to give your eyes a good rest.

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There are several strict requirements for the organization of the workplace, aimed at maintaining the general health and condition of the eyes. The table should be adjustable in height - from 68 to 80 cm. If it is not possible to change the height, a level of about 72 cm and a footrest will do. A swivel chair that is adjustable in height and inclination of the backrest is an essential attribute of the right workplace.

A straight back is a guarantee of good vision. To strengthen the muscular corset, you need to exercise regularly, and to maintain visual acuity, you need to do special exercises for the eyes.

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